My Unnatural Disaster

Charity Parks is caught once again for wrong doing. She now has to go to boarding school titled SFD; School For Delinquents. Just before leaving for the school. She discovers she can create a tornado out of thin air and control it. What she doesn't know is halfway across the map, Lightning controller Vito Davis is packing to go to that same school. She has no idea that over in Ohio, tsunami builder Lorde Young is fighting with her parents so she doesn't have to go to that school. The three discover their secrets and set out to make a difference, all the while meeting a Volcano specialist, James. Will this band of four escape the curious scientists after them, or will they become the main source to experiments.


2. Charity Parks

Charity Parks sighed and sat down on her bed. She had gotten in trouble (again) at school. She had tried to sneak into the office  and change her C grade to a high B. That obviously did not work. She had been caught. Her parents decided it was the last straw and a eighth grader should be disciplined more. Charity was now headed for a boarding school in rainy Kennebunkport, Maine. Far away from her simple home in Pittsburgh. This school was no regular boarding school. No, it was a special school for delinquents. She had tried countlessly to reason with her parents but nothing worked. Charity began packing her things, when her small shar-pei dog, Poco, strutted into the room.

"C'mon boy." Charity told him. "Off to Maine." As though he heard her, he attempted to bolt under the bed before Charity caught him. She set him down in his large basket of chew toys. 

"Pick only five!" She told him. His chew toys were quite large, and her suitcases were quite small. He picked up his favorite one and dropped it in her suitcase. 

Charity gave him a quizzical look. "Your so smart it's freaky." Poco just looked at her. He then picked out four more chew toys and set it in her bag. He then picked up his food bowl in his mouth and dropped it in there too. 

"Okay Poco, your creeping me out." She told him. Once she finished packing her bags, night had fallen. She picked up Poco and layed on her bed. She thought about the plane ride to Maine tomorrow. She only knew one thing about this.

She was not gonna make any friends.




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