Out of My Limit

What Kaitlyn and Lana doesn't know is that their favorite band member from 5sos will end up falling for them. But little did Kaitlyn and Lana know that the boys thought they were Out of Their Limit.


8. Out of My Limit Chapter 8

~Kaitlyn's POV~

Luke told me that he had a surprise for me, I wonder what it is, I was talking to Lana when my phone went off it was a text from Luke.

L-"Hey, Tell Lana to get ready and You should get ready to because Ashton and I are taking you two to a Green Day concert."

K-"Did you just say a Green day Concert?" I almost screamed. I looked over at Lana, who was looking at me like I was crazy. Which is pretty normal considering the fact that I am crazy. I was happy because I've never been to a Green Day concert before.

We got ready for that concert and I didn't know that Michael and Calum were also going to the concert, I knew Michael liked me because of what I did with the video game. Funny thing is Michael, Calum, Ashton, and Luke didn't that Lana and I were bit of gamers so I'm guessing Michael figured that out because when he sees me, he smacks my bum and it mad Luke mad. I had to kiss him to calm him down and sometimes I would have to do alittle more to calm him down.

~Luke's POV~

I didn't like the fact that Michael kept flirting with Kaitlyn because of how she took control over the video game that He and Caulm were playing, Yeah it was hot but I liked her first dammit. It made me mad when he would smack her bum in front of me. I would just glare at him until Kaitlyn would kiss me to calm down or do something alittle more to calm me down, but it worked.

~Michael's POV~

I starting to develop a crush on Kaitlyn, I don't know what it is about her, but I loved it and I loved how she showed she isn't afraid of taking control, But she's also a gamer, That's even hotter. But she's Luke's girl and I couldn't help but grab her bum and smack her bum in front of Luke. It's not my fault she's hot. 

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