Out of My Limit

What Kaitlyn and Lana doesn't know is that their favorite band member from 5sos will end up falling for them. But little did Kaitlyn and Lana know that the boys thought they were Out of Their Limit.


7. Out of My Limit Chapter 7

~Ashton's POV~

I really liked Lana, I don't know what it is about her, but I love it. I really wanted her to be mine. I don't think she likes me back. I'm hoping she does. I want her to be my girlfriend but I've just met her, but I didn't care that's why I kissed her. I honestly loved her even though I just met her. I wanted her to be mine before Calum could do anything to make Lana like him more.

~Michael's POV~

I couldn't get over what Kailyn did, Like god that was sexy as hell and I started liking Kaitlyn because I figured out she takes control whenever someone keeps yelling or doing something over and over and over again. I was starting to like her and I had a plan to make her like me before Luke asked her out but I don't think that going to work. Dammit I need to try harder. I noticed her walking by me in her crop top and her short shorts, Damn. I smacked her bum. I Couldn't help it I had to. I also found out she can speak more than one language, now that's sexy. I hadn't noticed Luke was glaring at me because I smacked Kait's bum.

~Luke's POV~

I could tell that Michael was starting to like Kaitlyn and that made me mad because she's mine, well she will be mine, I don't care if Michael doesn't like it. I saw Kaitlyn first and He didn't like her at first until she took over like she did. I saw Michael smack Kait's bum, boy that pissed me off. I glared at him. Michael can just go play video games all day because I will find away to make Kaitlyn mine. That's when I thought of an idea, I walked over to Kait and grabbed her hips pulling her close to me, Then I kissed her.


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