Out of My Limit

What Kaitlyn and Lana doesn't know is that their favorite band member from 5sos will end up falling for them. But little did Kaitlyn and Lana know that the boys thought they were Out of Their Limit.


2. Out of My Limit Chapter 2

L-"This is why your my best friend." She said hugging me tightly and she dragged me upstairs to get ready for the concert.

~Kaitlyn's POV~

I was glad about getting the tickets and backstage passes, I just know Lana will freak out when she gets to meet Ashton Irwin. I mean who wouldn't freak out. It's 5 Seconds of Summer the second biggest band in world along side One Direction. I was nervous about meeting them, because they meet a lot of fans and they might think those fans are prettier than Lana and I

~Lana's POV~

I was so happy that Kaitlyn had gotten the tickets and the backstage passes. I didn't know I was going to be able to go to the concert but my mum said as long as Kaitlyn went I could go, Kaitlyn and Luke would look together, Plus Luke's her favorite.

L-" How'd you mange to get the tickets and the backstage passes?" I asked her while finishing getting ready. She looked at me and smiled.

K-"I know people." She said while finished getting ready. Kait did have her ways, she's a dork and I love her and I don't know what I'd do if I lost her.

*At the concert*

K-"Holy hell" She said looking around and we have front row seats so that's a good thing.

L-" Yeah I know." I said looking around as these two boys walked on the stage that looked Ashton and Luke.

~Luke's POV~

I walked with Ashton to help him set up and I looked around seeing these two beautiful girls, but one of them caught my eye. She had red straight hair, short shorts, van, crop top that showed her hips and her stomach, make up, her phone, she had this red plaid flannel worn as a jacket but it was unbuttoned. She looked good.

A-"Who you staring at Lucas?." Ashton asked while picking up something he dropped. 

LH-"Those girls right there." I said not taking my eyes from them.

~Ashton's POV~

I kept noticing Luke stare at some girls and I gotta admit they were pretty sexy. I kept my focus on the red head's friend.


What'll happen? Will Luke and Ashton talk to the girls?  

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