Out of My Limit

What Kaitlyn and Lana doesn't know is that their favorite band member from 5sos will end up falling for them. But little did Kaitlyn and Lana know that the boys thought they were Out of Their Limit.


10. Out of My Limit Chapter 10

~Luke's POV~

I really liked Kaitlyn and I wanted her to know that I like her, I don't want Michael blowing that for me and Kait turned to face me and I softly grabbed her face and kissed her. We started making out until she pulled and looked down blushing. I thought it was it cute. " I have a question." I said to her. I grabbed her hands. "Please be my girlfriend?" I asked her. I looked at her as she grabbed my face and kissed me.

~Kaitlyn's POV~

I couldn't believe that Luke asked me to be his girlfriend, I grabbed his face and kissed him, I know Michael isn't going to be to happy about this but he will get over it. I just hope they don't fight with each other, I did like Michael but Luke has a special place in heart and he is my favorite. But Luke and I went downstairs to tell Michael that we are dating but I guess he already knew because he was glaring at Luke and he wouldn't even look at me. "Michael, Come on I'm still your friend and I'm still in you life alright, don't be mad at me because I said yes to being Luke's girlfriend." I said sitting beside him he was like my brother. "Okay beautiful." He finally looked at me and smiled.

~Michael's POV~

I didn't want Kaitlyn to date Luke, but he beat to it because she was now his girlfriend, I couldn't even look at her, I just kept glaring at Luke until Kaitlyn came and sat beside me. "Michael, Come on I'm still in your friend and I'm still in your life alright, don't be mad at me because I said yes to being Luke's girlfriend." I looked at her and she was right I couldn't be at her because no matter how much I wanted to be mad at her I couldn't. "Okay beautiful." I finally looked at her. She's just so beautiful, Luke better not hurt her or I'll hurt him.

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