Out of My Limit

What Kaitlyn and Lana doesn't know is that their favorite band member from 5sos will end up falling for them. But little did Kaitlyn and Lana know that the boys thought they were Out of Their Limit.


1. Out of My Limit Chapter 1

I had this already typed out before I went to school and I was going to publish it but I wasn't signed so here it is...

~Lana's POV~

I was with Kaitlyn at her because I was spending the night there even though I lived next door her. What we found out was that 5 Seconds of Summer was coming back to Australia to do a concert and probably visit their families. Kaitlyn and I loved 5 Seconds of Summer, but my favorite member is Ashton Irwin, yes the drummer. I noticed Kaitlyn has been acting weird all about something.

~Kaitlyn's POV~

I was with Lana sitting on the floor in my room looking through things that said 5 Seconds of Summer was coming back to Australia for a concert and to visit family. But what Lana doesn't know is that I actually got the tickets for that same concert and I also have backstage passes. I wanted to surprise her but that's when my mum both of us downstairs. What could she possibly want now.

K-" What Mother?" I said walking downstairs with Lana.

Mum-" Have you told Lana yet?"

L-" Told me what?" She asked looking at my mum then at me.

K-"I got us 5sos tickets for the concert and backstage passes." I said with a huge smile on my face.

L-"This is why your my best friend" She said hugging me tightly and she dragged me upstairs to get ready for the concert.


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