Solonistic Love

“Zachary and I lived in a harsh world. After the Time War II, everything was different. You see, Ireland did not change a lot for a long time. The country stayed out or the first Time War, but when they finally did get involved, they became like every other country. We called in communism back then, but it evolved into so much more....'
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4. It's Coming

We relaxed in bed for a long time, but we were both ridged, at least on the inside. I whispered,

"You should've eaten your dinner. We might get in trouble now."

"There's something that I need to tell you." I turned on my side to look at him,

"In the mines there is talk of a rebellion," he whispers so softly that I can barely hear him, "And I think that I should join it."

"But what about Dakota? What about me?"

"I don't know, but as for Dakota this could help her have a better life."

"But everything we do, everything we say is monitored. How would we accomplish that?"

"They say that in 7 years, there will be an opening in the doors,"

"What doors? and how do you know all this?" We had drifted closer together so that the chances of them hearing us were very low,

"I may have gone to a meeting about it."

"Zach," I said harshly, "You could have gotten all three of us out in jail and sentenced to death."

"But Dakota will be old enough by then." I thought for a long while. I wondered if this was the right thing to do. Finally I made up my mind,

"Okay." He put his forehead against mine and whispered,

"Thank you." He went onto his back and stretched his arm out. I accepted the invitation, and let myself forget what was really happening, and just enjoy the moment. 

"Please wake up, Please wake up, Please wake up," The mechanical voice said in a screeching tone. I looked over and saw that all the energy from our conversation had left Zach. He face was pale from what he had to face every day, and it pained me to shake him awake and tell him that he had to go and do it again. I gave him a kiss which didn't arose him, so I shook his shoulder. Finally he awakened,

"Let's start." The plan was in motion. The rebellion had begun.


Hi! Sorry it has been so long since I updated this! I had major writers block, so yeah I plan to finish this out. So sorry for the short chapter. Hope you enjoy!


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