Solonistic Love

“Zachary and I lived in a harsh world. After the Time War II, everything was different. You see, Ireland did not change a lot for a long time. The country stayed out or the first Time War, but when they finally did get involved, they became like every other country. We called in communism back then, but it evolved into so much more....'
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6. Epilouge

"That's the end?" asks one of my grandchildren

"Yes," I respond, "That is the end,"

"So you never saw him again?"

"Never. I married your granddad 5 years after that because your mom, Dakota, needed a father." I had lost the two men I loved the most. Allan and I had only been married for 7 years before he died of terminal lung cancer so many years ago. I was just Dakota, her husband, and their 3 beautiful, wonderful, free children: Margo, Alex, and Aliza. We all sit back and listen to the thoughts from the story rumble in our heads. I promised myself as I came over in the plane that I would tell everyone I could about my story, so it wouldn't be forgotten. Suddenly, I hear a knock on the door,

"Dakota wasn't supposed to be here for another thirty minutes," I mumble to no one in particular. To my surprise as I swing open the door there is an older man, but he doesn't have gray hair. It is jet black and I can tell his dark blue eyes had seen a lot. I also realize he is a fair amount taller than I was,

"Anna?" He asks, and it seems almost like he is holding back tears,


"It's Zachary." He says sucking in a breath, "I made it over a year ago, and I've searched every house in the area. I found out where you landed, but not where you went. I have gone to each house with the same question: Anna?" His voice sways with each word as he fights crying. I don't know what to think. It has been 35 years. My heart had gotten numb to the pain of missing him, and now it feels like it is exploding. He leans down to kiss me and I kiss him back. The moment is so sweet. We stand there hugging each other for so long. I didn't realize how much I missed his smile, his laugh, or his warm embrace. All I could do was smile, "Can I see Dakota?"

"Of course. She's gone at the moment, but oh the grandchildren."

"I have grandchildren?"

"3," I say with a smile, "Margo! Aliza! Alex!" I call. They come running and stare at Zach, "Children, this is Zachary, the man I just told you about."

"For real?" Margo asks,

"That was my response as well." I add

"Prove it," says Alex, the youngest. Zach turns to me,

"I remember that day walking down the aisle and seeing a beautiful figure and a lock of her fiery hair pocking out when It was supposed to be hidden, but most of all I remember not seeing you. Leaving that day with the promise of coming back soon. I was taken to jail for fueling the rebellion. The said they wouldn't give me food or water unless I gave out your name, but some how I made it. Now it is all just a blur until I escaped." Margo looks up at him and then she rushes over and gives him a hug. He smiles big, crouches down, and opens his wide arms so that the children coming running. Then there is another knock on the door. It is Dakota with her black hair and grey-green eyes,

"Who is this, and why is he hugging my children?" She asks. Zachary rises up and smiles brightly,

"This is Zachary - your father."

"The Zach that you never stopped talking about?" she asks which I return with a smile. She goes over slowly and then hugs him tightly. She breaks away and looks at him, "I don't think you know the extent that your wife has missed you." It is true, I thought to myself, he will have to be filled in a lot, but now he is here. No more waiting. No more waiting for him to be right back because now he is here, and I cannot believe that I could reach out and touch him he turns around and says a quote,

"Human Beings are the only creatures that allow their children to come home." That is what I was missing in Britain in my pre-made life. Home.



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