About a weird guy


1. Hey

        Sometimes i just want to drown ....drown on water and disappear but i don't want to die and certainly don't want the feeling of struggling for oxygen ...i think i am probably the unluckiest bastard ever ...3 or 4 years i was born i was cute but then all my teeth lost enamel ....and ever since then the doors of my social life are bye bye 

i cant even smile ... oh sure i could talk and be funny but i cant go up to a girl and be like heyyy showing a wide smile 

in this real world if you don't appear well oh to bad for you.

no body is going to be like "Oh i see good in you" I expected may be if i try be good it will get better but it's like 

i am a monster 

 and that was when  i realised my D.N.A had been shattered and i became a mutant 

A half Werewolf and Vampire piece of junk ...saliva dripping out of my mouth ....

But i don't want to be a monster i don't want to be a monster 

i don't want to be a monster

I want to sit down and work on my web comics and draw all day ...which i did i worked hard on it and

made a full coloured work which i spent a week on a single page ..but what did i get 

nothing i thought it was a fluke ...i waited the first day then second day still didn't have any 

i felt like i just want to shot my self oh wait i cant die.

i am a hybrid .......I also want to be a father well in the future but i think that i should give up on it


Shit it sucks....


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