Romany and Reeva

During the final battle Hermione tried to use her timeturner to save some of the innocents that had already died, such as Colin Creevey. In her haste she didn't check for any damage to it. The experience leaves her unconcious and when she wakes she finds herself in the time of the Marauders, Lily Evans and Severus Snape. Love follows her shock arrival, but what happens when as suddenly as she came she disappears.


8. Time for the truth

Romany was slowly lowered on to a big squishy chair with Charlie sitting on the arm on her right and Reeva on the left. Severus sat in a hard wooden chair next to them to keep an eye on Romany who was shaking lightly. Her eyes kept switching between her own deep brown and her wolfs bright silver. 

Mya sat on the comfy looking sofa with Lily and Marlene holding her. Chairs, Sofas and bean bags appeared around the room. Remus was sat opposite Mya with James and Sirius either side to support him. "So mum. You gonna tell us why me and Romany have grown up without a dad when we could have had one?" said Reeva her eyes glowing indigo with angry. Mya sniffled, took a deep breathe and then looked Remus in the eyes. "It was our last year of Hogwarts when I arrived. Lily and Marlene were looking after me and introduce me to the Marauders. Remus caught my eye straight away. He wouldn't let me near him for a while and I became closer to Severus. Moony hated that. In fact Remus attacked Severus when it was near to a full moon. I told him that I knew what he was and I didn't care I still loved him. He finally let me in." She waved her wand and a few pictures whizzed into the room. There were pictures of her and Remus at their graduation and all of the marauders and their girls sat in Grimmuald place. The original order with one person coloured out of the picture. "We were all living in the headquarters for the order of phoenix. I truly loved Remus and I wanted to be with him forever. I got pregnant, we didn't think it was possible. When I was out getting checked out for the babies I got proof from Severus about the traitor Pettigrew. I knew he was a traitor. I just couldn't prove it. Severus got me the proof. I showed the order but the Marauders didn't want to believe me. We had an argument and I knew I couldn't stick around if they didn't believe me. Severus and Dumbledore helped get me away to safety. I lived in Romania ever since. Only Dumbledore and Severus have ever known the truth about me"

Mya finished her story and looked around the room. She saw young faces that she hadn't seen in years. People were sat in her living room that the last time she had seen them were dead. She burst into tears and Lily and Marlene clung to her trying to calm her down. "What do you mean the truth Mya?" asked James vocalising what everyone was thinking. She raised her head slightly and looked with pleading eyes at Severus. 

"She wasnt born the same year as us. She born a few years after her own children were born. Mya time traveled from this decade to ours. The order of the phoenix never discovered the traitor. Lily, James you were both killed and Harry was sent to Petunias. He grew up being abused by his family. Sirius was sent to jail for supposingly being the traitor. Marlene you were killed before you and Sirius could get serious. Your children were never born. Mya Grange is really Hermione Granger. She spent 6 years at Hogwarts with Harry Potter and Ron Weasley as her best friends. Voldemort came back and in their seventh year they went hunting for Horcuxes. It ended in a battle at Hogwarts where young students were killed, including Fred Weasley. The destruction destroyed her. Mya couldnt accept that this was the way time was suppose to go so she came back in time and changed everything. Thanks to her, me and Dumbledore were able to find and destory every Horcrux resulting in the dark lords demise." Severus was holding Reeva's hand, trying to soothe her. "It is to her many of us owe our lives." he finished. 

"Why did you never tell me? Tell any of us?" Asked Remus. "We all trusted you with our biggest secrets. Why wouldn't you tell us yours?" He looked deeply into Mya's eyes as if he could see into her soul through them. "How could I tell you that I had been witness to your deaths? How could I tell Sirius that I had watched him after years of captivity finally be freed to his hell of a family home only to be killed by his deranged cousin? How could I tell you Remus that I was present to your wedding and then stood over yours and your wife's dead bodies, knowing you had a baby boy at home waiting for you?" Mya replied. The entire group looked around stunned. Mrs Weasley was clinging to the Twins and Marlene had since clutched her son to her body with fear in her eyes. "I am sorry everyone. I never wanted any of you to know the horrors I experienced and was witness to. Besides I care more about being with all of you again. My girls need you as a part of our family. Remus I need to know if you can ever forgive me? Even if just to build a relationship with your daughters?" Asked Mya who had slipped to her knees in front of Remus begging for forgiveness. " I forgive you Mya my love" said Remus who also slipped to ground and grabbed a hold of her. Everyone took a minute for themselves, until the door was slammed open and shut by Reeva. 

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