Romany and Reeva

During the final battle Hermione tried to use her timeturner to save some of the innocents that had already died, such as Colin Creevey. In her haste she didn't check for any damage to it. The experience leaves her unconcious and when she wakes she finds herself in the time of the Marauders, Lily Evans and Severus Snape. Love follows her shock arrival, but what happens when as suddenly as she came she disappears.


3. Molly's house, Molly's rules

"Now Romany you can get dressed in mine and Arthur's room, Ginny and Maisie in Ginny's room and the boys can get changed in their own old rooms. Harry you cna go with Ron and Orion with the twins. Hurry up before your parents and the rest of the order arrives." ordered Molly. Romany was shown where the room was and begun to get changed when she heard murmuring. As she peered out of the window she could see Molly and Arthur speaking. Never one to pry but ever curious Romany opened the window and began to listen. "He will see that the girls of Order members are much more suitable than that Romanian savage. i bet she hardly speaks any English and she won't learn it so you can speak it to her family and children, I guarantee that. Besides you and I know the true reason she's interested in him, a one way to England. At least a British girl will give him a child. We both know that female werewolf's can't reproduce unless the man is also a were. There is no way she is changing my darling boy into a werewolf. Think of the life he will live. I wish I could just force her from my home. She's probably rummaging through all of our things up there but I can't have her with Ginny and Maisie." Molly finished her rant just to breath and then continued "I love Remus, we all do. But this is different. I won't have my son's life ruined by an unsuitable uneducated werewolf". Romany had heard enough. She finished getting dressed and walked into the hallway. She bumped straight into Maisie and Ginny. "Hi Romany, wanna come down stairs and see the rest of the house?" asked Ginny as she flicked her hair into a high ponytail. "Sure" replied Romany. 

Maisie and Ginny showed her everywhere and tons of pictures from when they were much younger. There were pictures of all the boys playing quidditch and ones of Charlie at school. Charlie didn't keep many photos with him at the reserve accept for a few of his family. Romany enjoyed seeing them but Molly's rant still played heavily on her mind. There were a few apparition cracks and the others raced outside. There stood James and Lily potter and Sirius and Marlene Black. The respective children went and hugged their parents and the group were taken around to the back patio where there was a large table already laden with food and drink. Romany was introduced to each of them. She spoke little and seemed distant. More people began to arrive including Frank and Alice Longbottom with their son Neville. There were many young ladies that Charlie was pushed forward to greet and speak with. Romany sat quietly and watch as Molly stood told Charlie that there were many order daughters that were single. "Charlie" Romany started to speak, but not in english but Romanian "Your mother is right there are much more suitable, far more attractive girls here. They aren't savages and will not be using you to get a ticket into the country. Besides they already speak English and I don't". The whole party stood still in absolute silence as the young woman spoke in rapid Romanian getting angrier with each breath. Charlie looked between Romany and his mother. Then began to reply in Romanian to Romany "Sweetie she thinks non of that and why would you think any of these woman are better than you. There is nothing better in my eyes." Romany stood from her seat and walked toward him, her back fully exposed showing her large phoenix tattoo. "But I can't be the person she wants for you" Romany spoke softly and turned to everyone who was watching. In perfect English she said "Thank you for your hospitality and for allowing me to join in your festivities of the defeat of Voldemort, however my sister and mother need me. Molly it has been eye opening. Enjoy the rest of your evening." With that she spun on the spot and apparated away. Charlie stared at the spot Romany had stood. Frozen in shock and despair 

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