Romany and Reeva

During the final battle Hermione tried to use her timeturner to save some of the innocents that had already died, such as Colin Creevey. In her haste she didn't check for any damage to it. The experience leaves her unconcious and when she wakes she finds herself in the time of the Marauders, Lily Evans and Severus Snape. Love follows her shock arrival, but what happens when as suddenly as she came she disappears.


4. Grange?!?

The entire party stayed in complete silence for a whole minute until someone spoke. "This just proves that she isn't the right girl for you Charlie. After all, if she truly loved you she would have made more of an effort this evening." Molly began, "Besides I'm sure all the parents agreed that a werewolf with a couple of tattoo is not someone we want our children exposed to" She looked around but didn't get any support. "You can't really believe that any of us would judge her for being a werwolf do you Molly?" asked Lily Potter. "Remus is a good friend to everyone and saved many peoples lives in the war". Before an argument about werewolves could start Charlie came to his sense's. "That isn't the point Mrs Potter, mum judged the love of my life without ever really getting to know her. Romany is my everything and you may have just lost me her" Charlie sat down deflated and looked at the ground. He couldn't believe his mum had been so cruel and cold to Romany. She was a kind, caring, beautiful and intelligent person. "Romany Grange is the most incredible person in the world. She kind and considerate. Do you know how many times she has healed me after i've gotten injured. She has saved my life more times than I can count!"  Molly was stunned into silence as a lot of the adult looked around at each other with questioning looks on their faces. Sirius was the first to react "did you say Grange? As in Mya Grange?" he asked Charlie. "Yer that's her mum. Why? What's it to any of you lot?" Charlie was becoming angrier so Lily and Marlene took over. "Mya Grange appeared at the start of our last year at Hogwarts. She and Remus were completely smitten with each other. During the war she helped Dumbledore and saved a lot of lives. Mya was the one that discovered Peter was working for Voldemort. She and Remus were still together, until one day he lost it. He was afraid to lose her and just screamed at her at the end of an order meeting. She fled. Only Dumbledore knew where she was as she continued to help fight Voldemort from abroad. The last we knew of her was when the war ended she sent a message to the whole order saying she was glad we had survived." The two ladies finished. Each had sat on either side of Charlie and were looking at him with sympathy. "So have we potentially found Moony's lost mate?" asked James Potter. " Lily nodded and spoke softly "Yes, I think we have and by the sounds of it his daughter as well" Charlie looked up at their faces and replied "Daughters. Romany has a twin sister." As soon as he spoke a patronus dog went flying into the night sky and off towards the north of the country. After this revelation everyone got back to celebrating and relaxing with the twins and Orion sneaking drinks whenever they could. 

CRACK. The sound of apparation caused everyone to look at the Garden gate. A figure was coming up to it. They stormed into the garden and many went to greet the girl until Charlie said "Reeva I would never hurt Romany you know that". The girl stood in front of them was not the girl would had disappeared earlier in the evening. This girl had the same R tattoo on her shoulder blade and the crescent moon behind her ear, however she had 3 long scar lines across her face and was wearing tight fitting black trousers and a dark maroon t-shirt. It took all of 3 seconds for her to start shouting at Charlie"

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