Romany and Reeva

During the final battle Hermione tried to use her timeturner to save some of the innocents that had already died, such as Colin Creevey. In her haste she didn't check for any damage to it. The experience leaves her unconcious and when she wakes she finds herself in the time of the Marauders, Lily Evans and Severus Snape. Love follows her shock arrival, but what happens when as suddenly as she came she disappears.


2. Charlie brings a friend home

Mrs Weasley stood at the kitchen window preparing the food for her big celebratory party that evening. It was in honor of defeating Voldemort all those years ago. The whole order was coming and Charlie was coming from home Romania for the first time in almost a year. Ron was sat on at the table shining silver along with his best friend since birth Harry potter. At the other end of the table was Ginny and Maisie Potter. Maisie was the potters second child and close in age to Ginny. The potter and younger Weasley kids had all grown up together after the defeat of Voldemort. Sirius Black and his wife Marlene would be coming by later in the evening with the adult potters and their good werewolf friend Remus Lupin. Mrs Weasley felt very sorry for poor Remus. He had fallen in love with a girl during the war and had been set to marry her, but after an outburst she left for mainland Europe and wasn't heard of again. The only thing the order knew was that she had helped in the war effort abroad. 

As Molly contemplated what may have become of the mystery that was Mya Grange her twin sons Fred and George coming bowling through the door, shortly followed by the deviously handsome Orion Black. Ginny and Maisie stopped chopping vegetables and giggled and Orion winked at them. He truly was his fathers son. "Mum, I think I saw Charlie coming up the drive" said Fred. "Yer and it looks like he brought a lady friend with him" spoke George. She shook her head at them. Her boys were adults and running their own successful business along with Orion yet still when it came to embarrassing their siblings they were 7 years old again.  "Well that's nice isn't it. I'm sure he's mentioned a girl in some of his letters home." Molly replied now eager to see if it was her second oldest son coming down the long driveway. As she peered out the window she saw a blur of orange. "Ohhh Charlie's here everyone" she yelped in suprise. All the weasley children bounded out to meet him as did Harry, Maisie and Orion. Percy and Bill raced down the stairs of the rickety old burrow to see their brother. Mr Weasley opened the door to his shed, slipped out and snapped the door shut so Molly wouldn't see his latest muggle contraption. Charlie had a tall woman next to him with flowing curly brown hair. As the pair got closer to the group they started to notice more about this girl. she looked younger than Charlie around the same age as the twins. She had visible scars on her body and was wearing a long figure hugging dress. Her curves were accentuated by the dress she wore, showing her wide hips and large breasts. 

"Hi mum, dad" shouted Charlie "Hiya Guys". The group called back to him and soon they were stood close enough for Mrs Weasley to grab Charlie in for a hug. After Charlie had hugged everyone he turned to his companion. "This is Romany. Romany this is my mum, dad, brothers, sister and some family friends" "Hello" Romany said in a slight Romanian accent "It is so good to meet you Mrs Weasley, Mr Weasley. You had done an incredible job with Charlie." Molly looked the girl up and down. This was not the type of girl she expected her second son to bring home. This girl had scars across her body. A number of tattoos including a R on her right shoulder blade and a crescent moon behind an ear. "Well as Charlie said I'm Mrs Weasley. I was just preparing the food for later so I will just get back to that" as she finished the sentence she turned and headed for the kitchen door. Romany turned to Charlie and looked around nervously. The rest of the family were now looking at her warily. Mrs Weasley was normally a good judge of character so if Mrs Weasley was so cold to the girl they should probably give her a wide berth. "Don't worry about mum sweetheart, she gets very worried when there is lots of other people expected." explained Charlie, although he didn't sound convincing even to himself. 

Charlie was showing Romany around the Burrow and all of its outdoor space when Arthur could finally get a word with Molly. "Molly whats the matter? Romany is an extremely nice girl." asked Arthur. "She is not the sort of girl our Charlie should be with. A dragon tamer! She is covered in scars and tattoos", "As is Charlie" Arthur interjected, "She will not be a good mother if she is willing to put herself in that kind of danger" finished Mrs Weasley. She had pictured Charlie settling down with a nice delicate British girl, not some hardy roughy toughy Romanian. It would all be ok though as most of the order was coming tonight. The girl would end up being ignored by Charlie over some pretty English rose. 

It was a hot afternoon and everyone was trying to cool down some how. "Hey why don't we go swim in the pond" asked Ginny. Everyone looked at each other and grinned. Mr and Mrs Weasley were going to stay in the house but everyone else was going to the pond. Charlie and Romany were the first down their not having to get changed into anything. Charlie stripped his shirt and trousers and was going to swim simply in his boxers. Romany pulled her dress over her head and was stood in her bra and pants when the rest arrived. Harry and Ron couldn't help but stare at her full lush body. The older boys too were having trouble controlling themselves. Ginny and Maisie however couldn't help but notice the scars on her body. "How did you get all of those scars?" asked Maisie "Are you a dragon tamer too?" asked Ginny. Charlie laughed and Romany shook her head "No, I'm not a dragon tamer. I couldn't even train my dog, let alone a dragon. I patch up the idiots that get to close when playing the dragons, like Charlie". They all chuckled at Romany's joke but then the girls turned serious once again "So how did you get those scars?" Romany looked at each of them as if deciding if they were safe to tell, Charlie nodded his head "there is one in the order relax." She nodded at him and spoke quietly "I'm a werewolf, ever since I was born I have changed every full moon" The teenagers took this in with slight shock. They had never heard of someone being born a werewolf. Bill was the first to react, "So was your mother bitten when she was pregnant?". Romany replied simply with  "No". Charlie looked around at the confused faces and decided to explain "Romany's dad was a werewolf. He worked for the order during the war against Voldemort according to Mya". That finished the conversation and they got back to splashing around in the pond. Mrs Weasley called to them all a few hours later "Kids, everyone will be arriving soon. Its time to get cleaned up"

The group made its way back inside the house and began to get ready for the party. 

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