Civilization as we know it has crumbled, leaving humanity to flee the cities to seek an ancient, primitive way of life. It's been many years since the fall, and there is no going back to the smog and deadly toxins that previously poisoned the mind and body. People weren't meant to live in concrete jungles, and this is why.


1. America: The Last To Fall

             Chicago, October 5, 2018 "There will come a time where humanity will destroy itself" A grey haired man with a receding hairline, gnarly, overgrown nose-hairs and tattered clothing preaches to a bustling crowd of city dwellers. No one pay him any mind as they hurried on to their destinations. "Cities will crumble and the line between wild and domestic will be crossed after decades of softening our kind. People who will not stretch beyond their comfort zones to survive, like our ancestors once did, will be terminated by mother nature herself with her unforgiving ways." He howls on passionately from the planks of a half rotted, wooden crate. "Maybe, just maybe we can revert these changes. We must revert our ways to preserve our future! Abandon your cars, forget your jobs! We must return the forests and live how all other animals do! Do not believe we are too good to live as we must." By now the few that take notice only shoot him chastising glares. Hours pass by with few audience. With his energy ebbing away, he hopelessly scrapes for some attention. "I beg of you to listen to an insignificant being. I preach to those with open minds, but most folks these days are too focused on now." The man's determination eventually falters completely and he glances back and fourth at the people who are much to focused on their destinations to pay him any mind. His eyes become grim shadows in their sockets and they move their focus to the cement pad at his feet. "I pray for the best, but when we fall, like all great civilizations do, it will be hell. Good luck to you all nonbelievers and much too busy souls. You are in my prayers." he mutters, now to no one, on the grounds that no one pays any mind.


           Chicago, October 15, 2025 Fire blazes wildly off the mountain of skyscrapers, depriving the people whom squander the streets like ants of oxygen. A wicked wind chills the bodies lying unmoving on the pavement below. A beast with fierce eyes and lips pulled back in a scowl scrambles from the shadows of an alley. A piece of debris is lifted above his head of gnarly hair as he approaches another. Thwack. Thwack. Thwack. Just another carcass falls on the floor of the concrete jungle. Plenty more of these beastly animals roam the streets in search of power in the chaos. Some throng together in gangs, others become lone wolves out for a thrill. The wounded and dead here are omnipresent. There is no future for humanity. America, the last, has fallen into anarchy.

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