Questions to Answer, Answers to Questions

This is a Q&A book. I wanted to do this because I want people to get to know me better. So ask away, my friends/fellow Movellians! I will update as soon as you post. Then I will give you a shout out to let you know.


7. Lilly332211's Questions

These are lilly332211's questions:

~~Favorite color?   Hard one......umm I'm gonna say blue.
Do you like reading?   Yes. I read too much. I've read the Harry Potter books four times already.
Do you have a favorite subject? (math, science, social studies etc,.,)   Social Studies and Science
Do you like sports?   Not really
Favorite fruit?   Watermelon
When you joined Movellas?  October 28, 2014
What's your first book?   Young Love
Favorite snack?   Cream cheese and crackers (I'm weird)
Have any siblings?  Yes. I have one real sister (iloveRonWeasley, You should go check her out!), 3 step-brothers, and one step-sister
Do you have any pets?  So many I can't name them all off.
Do you have a job?  Nope.
Do you like school/used to like school?  I like to go to school to see my friends, but I HATE the work.
Do you have a favorite teacher?   Yes, I actually have six...
Do you know anyone on Movellas that you know in real life?    Yes, my real sister, @iloveRonWeasley
Do you like chocolate cake?   Yeah, a little. Oh, who am I kidding, I am not in love with it, but I do like it.
Ever played a sport?  No.
Ever been in a play?   Not that I remember....
Have you been in New York City before or anywhere out of the state?   Yes
What's your hair color?   Light brown
What's your eye color?   Mostly blue, but can change into green and sometimes even grey.
Do you like or love being on Movellas?  Love it.
Ever deleted a story?   No, but I haven't figured it out yet........

Thanks for asking, lilly332211! You guys, go check her out! She made my day by asking all of these questions! Go visit her, Siriusly! If you don't there's something Ron with you. Remusly, though, you're Mundungus if you don't go visit her! She's @lilly332211. GO VISIT HER!

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