*Sequel to Him* She left 2 years ago. She left and it tore us apart. We graduated without her. We went on tour without her. I had a birthday without her, and soon to be another one. She is my sister and she was Michael's best friend, and Ashton's love and she left. Without us. So now we need to find her. And we will.


18. Weird

We continued this. The questions the answers. The daylight left and night took over. We started walking back.

"What year did the band start?" He asked. His hands were in his pockets and glanced over at me.




"You got it dude." I rolled my eyes at his attempt to be funny. We were both drained. Emotionally and physically. Finally we showed up to Calum's house. My house I should say. He opened up the door and I walked in. He followed behind me. 

"Cal?" I called out. I heard him walk out of his bedroom and he looked over at us. He gave me a weak smile and pulled me into a hug. I went on my tiptoes and kissed his cheek. 

"I'm going to head home." Ashton said quietly.

"You can stay. No need for the risk." Calum spoke gently. Ashton nodded blankly as the reality of it all washed over us again. We brought a bunch of blankets and pillows on the floor in Calum's room. We all slept on the ground. I was in the middle and my head rested on Calum's shoulder. Finally I drifted off into a gentle sleep.


I woke up to two snoring boys. I lifted my sleepy head and looked at them both. Ashton's curly hair. Calum's plump lips. Both of them look very peaceful while sleeping.

I kissed Calum on the cheek and I rolled over to Ashton and his nose. Calum groaned from behind me. Ashton was still sound asleep. I started to play with his curly hair and finally his nose scrunched up and his mouth twisted into a smile as his eyes fluttered open. He stuck his tongue out at me pulled me down for a kiss on the cheek. I had some memories return, but not nearly all of them. Just brief moments. 

It still felt a little weird to me. But I let it slide.

I mean come on. We just went to a funeral. Who knows how much time any of us have left.

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