*Sequel to Him* She left 2 years ago. She left and it tore us apart. We graduated without her. We went on tour without her. I had a birthday without her, and soon to be another one. She is my sister and she was Michael's best friend, and Ashton's love and she left. Without us. So now we need to find her. And we will.


20. That was fun...

Our adventure consisted of picking up Michael and Luke and playing memory games. I was starting to remember more and more and we made jokes when I couldn't remember basic things.

"Wait, wait, wait" Calum spoke. "if you don't remember some of the good memories then you forgot all of the stupid shit we did to you over the years?" We all laughed.

"Well Calum, it depends on how much stupid shit you did to me? Like when you poured spaghetti on my head when we were 6? Or in 5th grade when we were all in the tree house and you pushed me out and I sprained my wrist?"

"Calum was quite the loving brother wasn't he?" Luke chuckles. We were sitting on the beach as we played the game, watching surfers and kids making sand castles. Michael looks at the surf board rent shop. 

"What are the odds that you can surf?" He looks over at me with mischief in his eyes.

"Umm... Probably an 87% chance that I'm better than all of you." I laugh. 

"Oh bring it on." Luke says.

"Lucas Hemmings! You of all people know that you cannot surf to save your life!" I'm laughing even harder. He flips his hair.

"Well if I look like a surfer than I probably can surf."

"Lucas. You are one of the people that look like they can surf, but they can't and will break their neck trying." Ashton says. He is trying to be serious but humor is etched into his voice. 

"Well I think we'll have to find out about these surfing skills." Calum says. He runs toward the shop and we are all on his heels.


In another 30 minutes we are all in surf suits and we have boards. We start paddling out and the water is cool on my skin. Finally, I see a wave coming in and I carefully stand up on the board when I come into position. I have my hands out for balance and I start riding the wave. I try to do a quick turn and fall off. When I get back up all of the boys are laughing at me.

"Let's see you studs catch a wave." 

"It'll look better than that." Calum says.

"Cal, out of all of you, you are probably the only one that can surf semi okay." I haul myself back onto the board and start paddling. 


By the end of the day, I declared myself the winner, mainly because Calum only caught two waves and Ashton caught one and the other two fell off before they could stand. We went to the ice cream shop that's down the street and ordered. We got the ice cream and walked outside to eat. By the time we finished my hair was almost dry and the boys only had wet tips. 

"Shotgun!" I called out as I ran for the car. Ashton swung an arm around me and soon I was off my feet. He opened the front door and crawled in. Calum got in the drivers seat and I was crammed in the back with Michael and Luke. 

"Lucas! Move your freaky long legs over!" I yelled out him.

"You said it yourself! they are freaky long and can't move!"

"Haha you could say that they are divergent and can't be controlled." Michael laughs at his own stupid joke. I roll my eyes at the stupid boys. Soon Calum parks the car in our driveway and I crawl over Luke's legs and out the door. I just about face plant, but my hands catch me as Luke shoves me out the rest of the way.

"LUCAS ROBERT HEMMINGS!" I scream at him. I get up and he starts to run laughing his head off. I start running after him and dive. I catch his foot and he falls down hard. I pull myself up and sit on his chest. I put my knees on his arms to hold him down. I start to spit.

"Stop stop stop stop STOP!" He starts screaming. He is squirming under and finally flips me over as the spit comes out of my mouth and lands on his right cheek. I get up quick and start running. I'm screwed. I sprint as fast as I can toward my dad's house. I get there and Luke is right behind me. I take a risk and run into Ashton's yard. I put one hand on the fence and hoist myself up and over. I land on my feet and quickly get into my house and lock the door. I grab a knife from the kitchen and get our dogs from the kennel. We've got a husky, a Saint Bernard, and a little Yorkie that is vicious to attackers. When I let them out go over to the backdoor and see that Luke is standing right there. I grab the three dogs leashes and hook them all on. I go over to look at Luke and he is grabbing the spare key. I wave at him and dash out the front door.

The dogs all run with me well enough as I go around the block to Cal's house. I turn another corner and his house comes into view I dash through the front door and come out to the patio. In another 30 seconds Luke comes out the backdoor. I traded the knife for hand sanitizer.  

"Hand sanitizer, Luke?" 

"You spit on my face.

"I am aware of my actions but in my defense-"

"You spit on my face.

"I wasn't going to do it but you pushed me and it fell and went splat."

He runs toward me and I let go of the leashes. 

Then everything goes bad.

Bug, the Saint Bernard goes straight towards him and knocks him off his feet.

Sofie, the Yorkie, bites every piece of skin that is exposed.

And Callie, the husky, starts licking him and pushes him down with his paws and barks at him.

Gotta love my dogs.

After about 5 minutes of Luke screaming, Calum laughing on the ground, Michael recording it, Ashton walking around him to see the better angles and me staring with a smile on my face, I call the dogs off.

"Come here babies, come to Camry!" They dogs come over panting and tails wagging. I pick up Sofie and pet Bug and Callie. I go inside quick and grab a wet towel and a dry towel and toss them to Luke. 

"I think you are done trying to chase me now?" I ask innocently.

"Ha ha ha real funny." He wipes himself head to toe and I see little blood trails. Oops.

"Well that was fun." I say smugly. Then I go to my other pups and cuddle with them while the boys play soccer.

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