*Sequel to Him* She left 2 years ago. She left and it tore us apart. We graduated without her. We went on tour without her. I had a birthday without her, and soon to be another one. She is my sister and she was Michael's best friend, and Ashton's love and she left. Without us. So now we need to find her. And we will.


2. New Life

The house was small. Spencer and Taylor moved with me so I would have someone there while I went through the nightmares. Taylor was my best friend when I was still in touch with the boys. I haven't talked to Calum in two years. 

My mom and dad get weekly phone calls from me. They are the only ones who know my location or my new number, and they have to take precautions when we talk. I can't face the boys. I can't face Ashton.

Calum's birthday is coming up and last year was the first year I missed it. I want to do something for him. It is still 2 and a half months away. 

I walked into the bookstore. This was my favorite place.

"Hey Camry!" I walked over to Taylor. She had her shift right after school. She was just walking around making sure everyone was finding everything okay. This was one of the biggest bookstores in Sydney. I walked to one of the beanbag chairs near the window. I grabbed a magazine and started reading about 5 Seconds of Summer. My brothers band. They have gotten back from tour and fans are still continuing the Search For Camry. All of the fans are looking for me, and whoever finds me gets to meet them. So here I am, living under the radar.

I take a glance out the window and see him. Michael Clifford. He looks at me through the window and his jaw drops. I quickly get up from the bean bag and scramble to the back of the store. I hear the ding of someone entering the store. I walk into the break room and look at the cameras. Michael is looking around frantically. I see him start talking to some of the workers, but they know the drill. I can't be found. Soon he drudges out of the store in defeat. I bet you he is already calling Calum to tell him that he saw me. 

It was hard at first to live unnoticed. But I dyed my hair back to it's natural color. Dark brown. I let it grow out. It's now down to my waist in curls. I've changed my clothes to more punk rock styles. You can't really recognize me very easily. That was the way I planned it though.

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