*Sequel to Him* She left 2 years ago. She left and it tore us apart. We graduated without her. We went on tour without her. I had a birthday without her, and soon to be another one. She is my sister and she was Michael's best friend, and Ashton's love and she left. Without us. So now we need to find her. And we will.


21. Memories

*one year later*

So far in the search for my memories all the important things came back. Friendships came back. Some arguments came back. *cough cough* Calum *cough cough*. But it has been a great ride.

"Cam." Ashton groaned. I hopped out of bed. All of us bought a huge house together. All of us. 

Ashton and I share a room, because I finally gave in and said yes.

Michael and Taylor share a room because after the accident they fell madly in love.

Then Calum and Luke and Spencer all have their own rooms. 

"Ash." I climb up onto his chest and press my nose against his. His eyes flutter open and smile creeps onto his face. I take my hands poke his dimples. He wraps his arms around me and kisses me. I can feel his smile. I pull back and he's grinning. I stare into his beautiful green eyes. 

"I love you." He whispers.

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