*Sequel to Him* She left 2 years ago. She left and it tore us apart. We graduated without her. We went on tour without her. I had a birthday without her, and soon to be another one. She is my sister and she was Michael's best friend, and Ashton's love and she left. Without us. So now we need to find her. And we will.


4. Hidden

I walked out of the break room and find Taylor. She runs over to me.

"That was Michael."

"I know."

"He saw you."

"I know."

"I don't think he recognized me."

"I know."

"He called someone right away. Probably Calum."

"I know." I sigh. Calum will never stop looking for me. The my phone has been blowing up with tweet notifications talking about where I was last seen. I think I already hear the fangirls. We finally left the bookstore and I saw Ashton walking our way. I looked away and quickly got in the car. I snapped a picture of him as he walked by. Then I posted on my twitter for the first time in two years.

Look who I saw walking about! @Ashton5SOS

I attached the picture and hit send. Right away all the boys started tweeting me and trying to get in touch with me. I toss my phone on the seat and put some of their music on. After this, I need to stay hidden.

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