Shadows Within

Hi my names haven and I've been abused by my family for five years and I don't know why. I live in constant fear as they seem inhuman like and watch me like an experiment. I'll soon be 17 and hopefully things will change... :D enjoy!


1. The Powers Released

I woke to another frightful day of the manor and its nightmares it contains. My names Haven Whitshire and I'm only 16 nearly 17 and yet I'm treated like a slave... It's not fair. Many girls have had a much better life than me waking up in a rich house,wearing fancy clothes and very popular while I wake up in a dusty tiny attic,wearing rags except for school and have no friends. But I have dreams among the many nightmares of terror of escaping and living a nice free life. I hope this day will come soon as the punishments are getting harder and fiercer leaving me in a worse condition that I have trouble hiding it when I go in for the day at school so not to arise suspicion. This is my life...

-Any good? (Amy!)

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