best thing

Ellie has been crushing on dylan for years, but now, what happens when Dylan admits to liking her back? How will she be able to keep her friendship with Tyler if she is falling for him? Its a love triangle,but who will she choose? Dylan or Tyler? The shy kid or the jock? Her best friend or her crush?


1. first glance

I wake up to the sound of my alarm clock, after a long grunt I roll out of bed. I was up late thinking about the first day of school. What terrible things will this year bring? But this is the last time I'll have to think about it. Its finally grade 12. After grad I can travel the world just like iv always wanted.

I grab my favourite T and throw on a pair of denim jeans. I apply a small amount of makeup to my face and take one last look in the mirror before sprinting downstairs for breakfast. Like every first day of school, my mom made me chocolate chip pancakes. I smile and down the milk that mom has placed in front of me. After breakfast i hug my mom goodbye and rush out the door praying that I'm not late to catch my bus. 

A few seconds after I make it to the bus stop my bus comes turning around the corner. breathing a sigh of release, I jump on and head to the back were my best friend Tyler is sitting. I grab the seat next to him. Lots of people think its weird hown close we are. But i don't care, we've been best friends since kindetgarden , hes almost like a brother to me. He turns to me and smiles. I love that smile, its the one I'm convinced I can't live without. 

"Nervous?" He asks sarcasticallu . I just shoot him a look and we laugh. Next thing I know I'm staring at dylan . the funniest, cutest guy iv ever known. He noticed me and flashes his winning smile. I just blush and smile back.

Tyler bumps my shoulder, and starts to giggle I must have been smiling like an idiot. The bus drives to a stop and me and Tyler share one last glance before walking into hell.

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