best thing

Ellie has been crushing on dylan for years, but now, what happens when Dylan admits to liking her back? How will she be able to keep her friendship with Tyler if she is falling for him? Its a love triangle,but who will she choose? Dylan or Tyler? The shy kid or the jock? Her best friend or her crush?


3. first dance

In grade 7 I realized I had a crush on dylan, he knew, but it never turned into anything else because we were great friends, we were the two baritones , had the same sense of humor and both enjoyed Eminem music. I couldn't believe that he asked me to the dance. Of course I told tyler first, he wasnt happy for me like usual, he knows how much I like dylan, he should be supporting me. He just shrugged when I told him. The rest of the week he begged me not to go with dylan, but for the first time I didn't care. Its good that he's so worried about me but dylan is a nice I just didn't talk to him about it. It was finally friday and before I knew it I was doing my hair and makeup for the dance. I had gone through many dress choices intill I finally chose the right one, a silver short dress, with a sparkly top and a purple belt, I matched it with purple heels. I heard a loud knock at the door and carefully walked down the stairs. I checked myself in the halway mirror before unlocking the door for dylan…but it wasn't dylan it was Tyler. He was dressed in a tux with a bow tie, he handed me a single red rose. "Good luck" he said quietly. "Thanks". He was about to say something when a small black car drove into my drive way. "I better go" he said sadly and walked over to the small grey truck parked outside my house.  I saw a dirty blond boy step out of the vehicle. I straightened my dress and walked over to the car. Dylan opened the door for me , and sitting on the passenger seat was a large arrangemet of roses. He smiled and handed them to me. We chatted during the ride and walked into the school holding hands. When a slow song came on he took me in his arms as we swayed back and forth. we stayed like that's for a long time, intill i got a tap on my shoulder. "Tyler?" He held out his hand. "May I?" He asked. Dylan nodded as tyler placed one hand on my shoulder and one on my waist. It felt nice, he wasn't holding me close like dylan was but it still felt magical. When the song ended and tyler left, dylan brang me to our shool yard were a lit up gasibo stood. He hopped up and lifted me onto it.the music started playing. It was one of those moments you'd remember forever. When the song ended he gently lifted my chin. "Will u be my girl?" I nodded. "I thought youd never ask" he kissed me gently,before bringing me home and planting one last kiss on my mouth. I must have stood at my door step for 10 mimiutes smiling like an idiot. But part of me still remembered the moment with tyler. I scolded myself. U can't have both, u have a boyfriend now.

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