1. Chapter 1

Year 2002 - 8 years old

"Irene, Irene come closer, let's play", said a voice breathing heavily in my closet.

I turned around, my heart ready to burst out with fear. I screamed. My mom ran instantly to me, alarmed.

"What happened?!", my mom asked with worried eyes.

"S-somebody's in the closet, looking and talking to me", I said, shaking and pointing to the closed closet.

My mom opened the closet and said", Irene... Nobody's in the closet"

"But mom, I heard someone there, I promise you I did!"

"You must be so tired that you thought someone was there", said my mom as she patted my back. "You see? Nobody's in the closet. It's just your imagination".

"O-okay", I said, scared as heck.

I jumped to my bed and covered the blanket over my body.

My mom gave me a kiss on my forehead and said, "don't worry, Irene. Nothing bad will will happen. Goodnight my angel".

'nothing is going to happen,' I repeated in my head as my eyes started to get heavy.

"Nothing is going to happen", I whispered to myself and closed my eyes.

Year 2009- 15 years old

It was the last day of middle school, and I got to say I really enjoyed it. Yea, I was always bullied because of my shy and passive personality, but I always had my friends who cheered me up.

"Irene, we're going to miss you a lot", they said as they gave me huge hugs.

"Don't worry, I'll see you all in next school year", I said with a smile.

My friends were the best. I loved them. My mom picked me up early that day. As I was walking to the office, where my mom was waiting for me, I looked back to my friends. I noticed that there was a person staring at me with a smirk. I've never seen him before. I blinked several times, confused. For some reason, I felt like walking up to him and introducing myself. He just seemed so curious to me, I don't know why. I blinked one more time and he was gone. I opened my eyes wide. ' where did he go??' I thought, which got me even more confused. I looked left to right, trying to find him, but he wasn't anywhere.

"How freakin' weird", I muttered.

I decided to ignore it and started walking. I was moving on to a new stage: high school.

Year 2009- 5 months later

"Irene, Irene let's play", said a breathing voice down the hallway.

I looked back, no one was there, the narrow hallway was empty actually.

"Leave me alone", I whispered.

It's been about a month that I was hearing that voice. It really creeped me out. The voice started to get closer and closer every second.

"What's wrong?? Play with me, you got nobody else to play with. Everybody turned their back on you, you're not worth being friends with. They hate you, Irene. They want to hurt you.... kill you...."

There was a long pause. I covered my ears, wanting the voice to stop, but he spoke again, this time in a slow tone.

"Let's play together, just you and me, on the bed, just the 2 of us.... You won't regret it, sweetie".

That last sentence echoed across the hallway, making me covers my ears even more. Then, I turned around where the voice was coming from and yelled, " stop! Damn it! Stop!"

Tears running down my cheeks. I wanted him to stop, but it was impossible. I tightly close my eyes.


I bit my lip.

'I want him to stop...... Or else..... I will......hurt myself....' I thought.

"Irene... Irene.."

Then, I felt something shaking my shoulder. I looked up instantly. I was my science teacher. Her eyes looked at me with concern. " a-are you ok?" She asked in shock. " ummmmm.... Were you talking to yourself??"

"I can't take it anymore! He's everywhere...."

"Irene, nobody is here...." Said the teacher as she was looking down the hallway. She patted my back, " let's go to the office so that we can call your parents to come pick you up, okay?".

"O-okay", I said weakly.

I could of swear that he, the voice, was there. ' or maybe I'm turning crazy', I thought, which terrified me.

" I won't stop", said the voice, laughing this time. "I never will, sweetie".

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