Gang Trouble

When 21 years old Maria moves to London for a new start her plans get ruined by Harry,the co-leader of one of the biggest gangs in London.They meet in an illegal car race and he gets captivated by her without knowing anything more than her name.But Maria is not innocent and her past dangerous.Will Harry's actions end up fatal for him and his gang or will they end up having something special?


2. "Then let's visit her"

"God that was fun"I said while driving away"

"Are you sure no one followed us?"

"Relax Claire no one even knows us but I'm going tomorrow too"

"Wait what?" Claire panicked

"Yeah,you don't have to come" She really didn't have to I could handle my business

"Well just be careful"she said with a worried expression on her face

"Oh don't worry I will,so anyway I so you were eyeing Niall pretty hard"

"Come on now" She said blushing

"Don't lie to me girl"

"Ok ok he's really hot anyway"

"Yeah but not that much of a driver"I chuckled

"Actually you are really good"Claire said empasizing the word 'you'

"Thank you,so here we are.See you on Monday girlll"

"OK thanks babe,have a nice weekend".

I dropped Claire off and drove straight to mine.When I arrived I locked the car and jogged up the stairs to my apartment.I changed into my pyjamas and did my night routine,take off my makeup,brush my teeth etc.Today was a long day so once I laid down to bed I felt asleep!

I woke up in the morning and got ready for my usual Saturday jogging.

*After one hour*

Once I came I hopped into the shower and generally relax the whole day until 10 o'clock when I started getting ready for the race.I picked out my outfit and applyed my usual makeup foundation,concealer,mascara and eyeliner!When I was completely ready I check my self on the mirror and after that I got out of the house and headed to the car.I drove for about 15 minutes and arrived to the place of the race.I parked,got out and sat on the hood of my car until everyone was ready to start the race.

I wasn't really paying attention around cause I was texting Claire who was worried sick.I looked up and I saw a guy staring and at me and smiling I glared him and then looked back to my phone which was buzzing from Claire's texts.

After around 5 minutes I felt someone next to me I looked up and I saw a girl.Damn she looks angry.

'Can I help you"I said calmly

"You'd help me if you stopped eyeing my man"

"Excuse me?"

"Oh don't play dumb with me,no matter how much you want him he's mine,you get that whore?"after that I couldn't hold myself

"Look bitch I don't want your boyfriend,no one wants your boyfriend,thats why he is with you"I yelled to her which turned quite a few heads toward us.She raised her hand to slap me but I grabbed her hand,turned her around and push her away,she tripped and felt on her face,I could see that she was bleeding from her nose,I went closer to her and whispered"You caused that to yourself...oh and if you call me any names again I'll make sure that your whole face matchs your nose"I said and walked away,really I couldn't care less about her!

While I was walking I heard a fews whistles but didn't turned around until I heard someone calling my name,I turn around and saw Niall approaching me

"Hey Mar,I saw you fighting with that girl.Are you ok?"

"Mar?Well I'm not the one who's on the ground,am I?"I said that and Niall started laughing which made me start laughing too,it's not that I said something funny but his laugh was.

When I stopped laughing I looked over to Niall's car and there were three boys on the hood and one of them was staring at me,he had brown curly hair and emerald green eyes just like mine and he had a hot body from what I can tell,we were practically staring at each other

"Would you like to meet my friends?"Niall asked

"Maybe I'll come later I want to take a look around" I said not sure about the vibes I was getting from that guy

"Want company?"

"I'd love that".We walked for a while and talked about ourselves well actually I was doing the talking.

"Hey new girl"I heard someone shouting,I guess that's me


"Hey I'm T-Dog" she said smiling

"Oh hi I'm Maria"I smiled

"You're Latina right?" Is it that obvious?

"Half,yeah"I answered confidently

"So can you dance?"

"Um,yeah why?"That's random

"See there?"he said pointing a crowd of people dancing

"Everyone has a partner except from me,are you intrested?"

"Well I would but I'm not alone"I said looking at Niall

"Oh no no go dance I'll go back to the guys"Niall said smiling

"I guess this solves it"T-Dog said while grabbing my hand and leading me towards the crowd.

"You know how to dance right?"I said smirking

"I'm a pro babe"

"We'll see that"And with that we started dancing: (don't focus on the background)

When we finished everyone was clapping and whilsting I guess we did good!

Harry's POV:

I heard people over the dancing crowd whilsting and then I saw her,the girl that was talking with Niall earlier.God she knows how to dance!She is so different she is not afraid,she doesn't care!

"Who is that girl?"I asked Niall

"Maria,why do you like her?I saw you checking her out before" he said smirking

"I want her in"I said without taking my eyes off her

"Oh oh man wait,we don't know anything about her" Liam said panicking.Like I can't handle it

"Do we know where she lives?"I ask not caring about Liam's concerns

"I do,she told me earlier" Niall answered and I could tell he was worried for no reason

"Then let's visit her"


**A/N:Heyy guys,that's my first fanfiction so don't be harsh if there are any mistakes also I'm not a native speaker so excuse any spelling or grammar mistakes.I'd love some feedback,to see if I should keep writing moreover if you have any advice feel free to comment.Keep reading and I'll try to update as soon as possible.Love yaa!!<3

                                                                                                                                                                                                            Maria's Outfit!

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