Gang Trouble

When 21 years old Maria moves to London for a new start her plans get ruined by Harry,the co-leader of one of the biggest gangs in London.They meet in an illegal car race and he gets captivated by her without knowing anything more than her name.But Maria is not innocent and her past dangerous.Will Harry's actions end up fatal for him and his gang or will they end up having something special?


5. The actual new start!

Maria's POV:

Harry was walking me to my room so we talked for a bit.He told me that Paul is his uncle,his father's brother that died when he was really young and Liam is Paul's son but he is not intrested into taking in his hands the gang after Paul so Harry is next in row!

Well we arrived to my room and I saw all of my stuff there.

"How did those things came here"I asked

"We obviously got them here Maria"

"Of course,um for how long I'm gonna be under the test?"As if there are things that I don't already know

"Come on now babe don't be like that is now an actual test"oh I can smell fuckboyness,not an actuall word but you get it

"Babe?Well um it's already 4 o'clock!And I think I need some sleep".I definitely do.I want to flirt back but I need to hold it together for a bit

"Oh um yeah see you tomorrow ok?My room is down the hall if you need anything"he assured me

"Thanks Harry"I said smirking.Well "my hold it together" didn't last long

"Good night"he said confused by the look he was receiving all of a sudden and walked out of the door

Well I need to figure him out because out of everybody he seems the most secretive,despite the cool mask he has on.I've met a lot of people like that.It is interesting so I might get to play.

Harry's POV:

What the heck is going on with me?I could be all over her if I wanted to right now,that's my way but she is something else!Most of the girls get nervous when I am around them or flirt with them but she doesn't she flirts back.Those eyes,that body!Fuck it man I'll get over it and it wouldn't be easy because things could get ugly with her in the gang now.

Maria's POV:

I woke up after a three hour sleep and I feel weird I'm usually the queen of sleep!Anyway I need to go for a run even without enough sleep that's my ritual

It got me some time to find the stairs to get downstairs.I was about to open the door when someone talked to me.

"You can't go out"I turned around and saw Harry standing in the kitchen with a mug in his hands.

"Watch me"I said confidently,I wasn't going to stay in.

I started jogging and then I heard Harry calling my name,I didn't look back,I could sense that he was running after me.

"Girl you are going to kill me"he said trying to catch his breath

"Sorry that wasn't my intension,sometimes is hard for me to follow orders"I chuckled

"We may have to fix that"He said talking a step closer to me,well that's really close but I'm not going to give in

"Maybe"I said starting to jog again!

A/N:I'm sorry guys for that fail chapter is 1 in the morning and I just wanted to update cause I haven't for a couple weeks.Please leave me some feedback and like and fav if you want!Anyway I'll try better next time see yaa<3

                                                                                                                                             THE HOUSE:


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