Gang Trouble

When 21 years old Maria moves to London for a new start her plans get ruined by Harry,the co-leader of one of the biggest gangs in London.They meet in an illegal car race and he gets captivated by her without knowing anything more than her name.But Maria is not innocent and her past dangerous.Will Harry's actions end up fatal for him and his gang or will they end up having something special?


9. My savior!

Maria's POV:

Waking up was always tough for me but having just a 4 hour sleep doesn't make it any better.I had to get up and help Anne with breakfast because some of the guest we had last night stayed over,including Ethan

.Anyway I got ready and walk to the kitchen.No one was there so I started making breakfast while waiting for Anne.After a while she came in and started helping me,once we were done more and more people kept on coming and Ethan was one of them he was trying to talk to me.I smartly kept on avoiding him without making it obvious.

Throughout the day I could see that the boys were being kind of mysterious and quite when they talk to each other so I though I should ask Louis"Hey Lou"I approached him"Hey chica"he quickly hugged me"Are you and the boys planning something for today?"I asked innocently" no we were going for a walk or something"he responsed not convicing me"Well ok I'll let you think about your excuse and I'll back later".He knew I wasn't conviced so he didn't speak.

Anyway I had to talk to Megan today we were starting her training."Hey Meg are you ready to go?" "I think yes,where are we going?"she asked"A friend of mine has a gym so we will go there show you some moves and work out a bit nothing special for the first day" I didn't want to scare her from the beginning

"Oh I thought you would show me how to shoot" "Wait wait first of all you ain't going to carry a gun with you everyday all the time and secondly it's better to learn to fight with what you already have"


After we trained for about 3 hours we came back home to be greeted by Harry."Where have you been?"he asked"To the gym"I answered"I didn't ask you"she said rudely"Too bad because I already answered so now excuse me"I said pushing him out of the way.Ugh this guy pisses me off so much but on the other hand I'm falling for him what the fuck is going on with me!

It was about 11 o'clock and all the guys had gone out  except Harry.I was sitting on the couch when I saw Harry about to open the door"Where are you going?"I asked him"Somewhere"He said not looking at me"Can I come?" "No,stay home"he responsed sternly.

Oh hell no,I'm curious and I will find out what they're up to.I quickly got into my car and followed him to an old warehouse.Outside of it there were lot's of cars but it wasn't a race.I walked in and I saw a big cage in the middle of it.

They fight I should have know,but I don't get why they had to hide it it's not that big of a deal.While I was walking through the crowd I could feel people staring me,I was looking for the boys so I didn't care much.

"Hey look who is here the TMG new girl"I turned around to face a muscled guy with a smirk on his face"I guess they got you in because you give good head right?"he continued"No not really!Is that how you got into yours?"I spat back

"You bitch"He said while he was ready to slap me I grab his hand before he touch me but he was strong so I kick his balls.He whined in pain but then he grab me by my shoulders and drag me to a dark corner.

"Feisty,I like it.Get ready because this will hurt"he says unzipping his pants,I froze I couldn't do anything memories flashing back before he was able to touch me I heard someone shouting"Get the fuck away from her"

It was Harry!

"Oh so you came to save her as a good boyfriend"Harry looked at me and then he punched his face hard.They started to fight but Harry was strong enough to beat him.

"What the fuck Maria I told you to stay home"he shouted to me"I told you I'm not good with following orders" "Come on let's go home"he said taking me by the hand.


We got home and I was still shocked,Harry noticed"Maria why did you froze there?"he asked calmly,I couldn't hold the tears back anymore

"Shh babygirl"Harry tried to calm me down while rocking me in his arms"Do you wanna tell me?"he seem concern

"I was was retaliations,for one of my father's works"tears kept on coming but after being in Harry's arms for a couple minutes I was ok.I looked his face and he had cuts"Oh my god Harry these are cuts are deep,come here"I said while dragging him to the bathroom

"It's nothing Maria"he said trying to act tough"Please shut up Harry"I said while sitting on the counter to reach his face easily because he's quite tall.He placed his hand on my thigh causing my body to shiver"Thank you"I smile that cause him to smile too"You should do it more often you know"I continue"Do what?"he questions"Smile it looks good on you"we were so close,our noses almost touching and that urge that I had to kiss him again grew even bigger and then he just turns his face away walking out of the door. Damn it!

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