Gang Trouble

When 21 years old Maria moves to London for a new start her plans get ruined by Harry,the co-leader of one of the biggest gangs in London.They meet in an illegal car race and he gets captivated by her without knowing anything more than her name.But Maria is not innocent and her past dangerous.Will Harry's actions end up fatal for him and his gang or will they end up having something special?


10. Monday Morning!

Maria's POV:

Ugh I always hated Monday Mornings but now I don't really care because there's no way Megan is going school alone!Got ready as usual and meet her in the kitchen where all the others were,they were kind of weird out that I was driving Megan to school but I had a good excuse.Thanks god I'm a good liar!

"So when's Harry coming back mum?"Megan asked Ann

e"Oh I don't know babe,he had some things to clear out in Liverpool".You see Harry suddenly had to leave after what happended to the fight!But I don't care.I really don't.Maybe if I say it many times I'll finally believe it!

"Ready to go?"Megan asked taking me away from my thoughts"Oh um yeah let's go"


"Here we are"I said while taking a look around.I noticed a black car with two men inside that looked suspicious.Megan was about to walk through the gates when I shout her name while getting out of the car.

"What is it Maria I'll be late"

"Do you see that car in the corner?Look carefully"

"I'm not sure but I think I've seen these men that are inside".She look a bit panicked but that's exactly what we don't need

"Ok go inside I'll be back to pick you,love you"I said while hugging her.

When I turned my back to look at the car both of the men inside where staring at me intansely.Well that's definately not a good sign!I started driving back home when I realised that the car was following me.What fucking idiots!I started taking random turns and finally they lost me!

"I need to tell the boys"I thought to myself so I drove back to the car shop.Where Louis was to tell him everything.


"What?Maria are you fucking kidding me?Why you didn't tell me earlier you could have been killed out there both you and Megan"Louis shouted loudly

"Oh my god Louis shut up.I told you right after it happened and Megan wasn't sure about that,that's why I drove her to school and started training her!"

"Wait what?You are training her?Why didn't see say anything to us?"

"Because she didn't want all of you to be upset for no reason,but apparently there is a reason"

"Ok ok we have to talk to Paul about that,don't say anything to Harry"he said

"Oh yeah thank god you told me because we talk so much anyway"I said sarcastically

"Oh come on now Maria quit the attitude we have more important things"

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