Gang Trouble

When 21 years old Maria moves to London for a new start her plans get ruined by Harry,the co-leader of one of the biggest gangs in London.They meet in an illegal car race and he gets captivated by her without knowing anything more than her name.But Maria is not innocent and her past dangerous.Will Harry's actions end up fatal for him and his gang or will they end up having something special?


6. Meeting the family!

*1 week later*

Maria's POV:

There's been a week since I've been here with everyone,and I'm actually really glad I got in!I met Zoe and Kathrine,Liam's and Zayn's girlfriends and we've come really close.

I'm excited for today because Harry's mother and sister are coming back from their trip!Oh by the way Harry's flirt with me is out of control,but hey no complains!

I want to make a good first impression.I chose my outfit and applied the common make-up.

"Come on Maria we got to get down"Zoe said bursting into the roum with Kathrine

"Oh my god girls you scared the shit out of me"I screamed

"Anyway,do I look ok?"I asked

"Everytime she asks me do I look ok I sayy when I see your face there's not a-"the girls started singing but I cut them off

"Ok ok idiots I get it I'm a fucking goddess"I said and all three of us burst out laughing,we got our selves together and walked down the stairs.There were all in the kitchen having breakfast.

When we walked in I could sense Harry's eyes on me I grabbed some bread and butter and started eating

"You look beautiful"Harry whispered

"Oh thanks"I smiled.He's been like that all week.It's nice but I'm not sure if it is just an act.

"Don't be nervous,they'll like you"he continued

"I'm not"I lied

"Yes you are"

"No I'm not".I argued.

"Ok"he said walking away."Just don't be"he shouted

"Heyy"I shouted back.

I heard a knock on the door and Kathrine squealed

"They are here".she said grabbing my arm and leading me to the living room.

Once we got there I heard a girl saying"ok people let's get over with that I love you all but I want to sleep,no more hugs"I guess she is Megan,Harry's little sister.

"Oh my god she looks so much like her"I said to my self"

Who?"Zoe questioned

"Um no one"I replied.

"Mum that's Maria,she is new,she got in a week ago"Harry said

"Oh hello honey I'm Anne"she said pulling me in for a hug,I hugged her back

"Nice to meet you too"I smiled"And that is Megan Harry continued

"Nice too meet you"I smiled

"Yeah,yeah nice to meet you to!I'm off to bed"She said.Um rude much.

"Come on,don't be a party pooper Megan"Niall shouted to Megan while she was walking into her room.Me and Anne talked for a couple hours,she is great!

Everyone was off to sleep and I was watching tv on the living room.Harry came in and sat by my side"See I told you,you didn't have to be nervous!They loved you"

"I wasn't nervous Harry.And I wouldn't say that your sister loved me"I was kinda sad about it but I guess if we get to know each other will be better

"She doesn't know you the way I do that's why"he tried to make me feel better

"You don't know me either Harry"

"I know everything I need to know"he said seductively

"Not really".And that's true.We've known each other for a week

"So tell me what I don't know"he said coming closer,our noses barely touching

"Don't rush,everything in time"I said standing up ready to walk away.He grabs my hand sitting me on his lap and kissing me.

That kiss was so passionate and got me really out of the blue!I kissed him back and he moved his hands to unclip my bra.Woah 0-100 real quick!I pulled him back"We ain't fucking"I said standing up"At least not now"I continued,walking away.I may like him but I know him just a week,and from what I know he's a player so no Mr.Styles you won't mess with me!




Maria's Outfit

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