Gang Trouble

When 21 years old Maria moves to London for a new start her plans get ruined by Harry,the co-leader of one of the biggest gangs in London.They meet in an illegal car race and he gets captivated by her without knowing anything more than her name.But Maria is not innocent and her past dangerous.Will Harry's actions end up fatal for him and his gang or will they end up having something special?


7. Barbeque!

Maria's POV:

Over the time I'm getting in this more and more!It's been a bit over a month and I've met several people that the guys work with.Mostly gun dealers and the guys that work at the car workshop which is mostly used as a gun storage so that the cops won't find out anything!

Louis works there most of the time and I help him when I have free time,we've come really close he feels like an older brother to me and the other way around he is getting quite protective sometimes!Also I've come really close with Megan,she reminds me so much of my sister!Likely our first meet doesn't describe our relationship now.

Megan doesn't really like all that gun dealing,street fighting and stuff,she wants to get out like I did but in a more succesful way I guess.

Me and Kathrine were in Zoe's room trying to help her decide what to wear when we hear Anne calling us"Girls can you come help me please?"

"Yes we're coming.Go downstairs and I'll bring Megan".I replied

I walked to her room and she was playing the guitar while singing some lyrics.She is talented!I was leaning towards the door frame but she didn't notice me.

"OMG THAT'S GREAT"I shouted when she finished while jumping on her

"MARIA IF YOU EVER DO THIS AGAIN I'M GOING TO KILL YOU"she shouted back.I obviously scared her!

"OK OK but this is really good did you wrote it?" I said smiling

"Um yeah but it's not something special"she said shyly

"Yes it is,and you are definetely singing it tonight"

"NO NO NO I'm not".She doesn't really understand how good she is.

"Yes you are and now come with me downstairs to help your mum with the preperations"I exclaimed.

"Well Maria can I ask you for something?"she asked hesitantly


"Can you show me how to fight?".We'll that's new

"Why,I thought you didn't like these stuff"

"Can you just show me?"

"There's no way you're telling me the truth right now,talk"I said demandingly

"Well ok but promise you won't tell anybody"

"I promise" motioning her to explain

"Look I don't know for a week or so I feel like everytime I'm going or I'm coming back from school someone is stalking me" she quickly explained

"Are you fucking kidding me?Why didn't you tell me earlier"I shouted

"I didn't want to worried you"

"OK look I get why you don't want to tell Harry and the others but we are definitely starting tomorrow because you don't have school and I'm driving you and picking you up from school every day from now on"I said while pulling her in for a hug

"Thanks"she said while hugging me tightly

"Ok let's go downstairs"

When we got in the kitchen Harry was there helping his mum and the girls"Hi"I said while walking in

"Oh hey honey can you help me with the salads?"Anne asked

"Of course"

"Ok I'm going"Harry said while quickly heading out of the door"

"What's wrong with him?"Megan questioned.

Well tell me about it,he acts so weird lately it's like he is avoiding me,he barely talks to me.He can't kiss me and act like he likes me and then act like I don't exist.

Harry's POV:

I try my best to avoid Maria and not think about her for her own good!For the last couples weeks I've been getting threatening messages about Maria!

I made it obvious that I like her and now things are getting pretty ugly!But the worst thing is that I don't just like her just as in 'I just want to fuck her' I think it's something more.Even though I know her only for about one month but I guess some things don't take long.No one but the boys knows about this.Someone is sending me threatening messages about her.We are expanding to America and many other gangs don't want that.I'll do everything to protect her even if that means that I have to avoid her completely!

She makes it so hard though...her laugh,her eyes,everything about her and that damn kiss that keeps coming back on my mind!I have to find another girl to distract whoever is sending this messages and maybe she'll take my mind of Maria!

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