Gang Trouble

When 21 years old Maria moves to London for a new start her plans get ruined by Harry,the co-leader of one of the biggest gangs in London.They meet in an illegal car race and he gets captivated by her without knowing anything more than her name.But Maria is not innocent and her past dangerous.Will Harry's actions end up fatal for him and his gang or will they end up having something special?


8. Barbeque Part 2!

Maria's POV:

"Ok girls I think everything is ready right?Anne asked us while looking around the kitchen

"Mum yeah everything is great don't worry"Megan replied

"Well then thank you all girls"She said while pulling all of us in for a hug"Go get ready"she continued and with that all of us where off to our rooms to get ready!

First I did Megan's make up nothing extreme I kept it natural and then I went to my room to get ready I picked my outfit  and then applied some make up!I heard the door bell ringing so I guess the guests would keep on coming so I went to Zoe's room to be greeted by her and Liam having a make out session

"OH MY GOD sorry um I'm leaving bye sorry again"I started laughing to my self while making my way to kathrine's room this time I knocked

"Come in"she answered

"Oh why are you so red?"she questioned when she saw my face

"Well it must be because I interrupted Zoe's and Liam's full on make out session"I said and Kathrine started giggling

"Ok Kathrine now stop we gotta go down,I'm nervous".It was MY first official celebration kind of thing in TMG

"Oh don't be" she tried to calm me

"Yeah ok now let's go"I said while grabbing her hand.

We where about to walk out to the garden when the doorbell rang "I'll get that"I said to Kathrine.I opened the door and there was a tall handsome guy with dirty blonde hair and green eyes.He is beautiful.

"Hi I'm Ethan"he introduced

"Hi I'm Maria,come in everyone is in the backyard"

"Oh thanks,um are you new here?"

"Yes,now come in we don't wanna lose the fun"I said while leading him to the garden!

Harry's POV:

"Hey man,Maria is here!She is with Ethan"Louis said to me

"She is trying to kill me isn't she?"

"You have to hold back man,to protect her" Zayn hurts because it's true

"Yeah I know"I sigh.

"Hey Harry can you help me with some stuff?"Megan asks

"Yeah Meg coming"

"Wow how much food did mum made"I said while taking a look around the kitchen.

I took some plates out and placed them on the table so that everyone could take what they want.Ethan was trying hard to talk to Maria and make her to like him it seems like she wasn't really interested but then he said something that made her laugh,damn that laugh!

Maria's POV:

Ethan is a good guy I don't really like him but it seems like Harry doesn't really like that I talk to him!I don't get him he avoides me but then he acts all jealous!

"Um I'll go get a drink I'll be back"I say to Ethan while walking to the bar.

"Hey Chica"I hear someone from behind calls me.I know it's Lou only he calls me that"Hey Lou"

"So I see you got familiar with Ethan" he said glaring at him

"Oh yeah he's a good guy".I don't think that the boys really like him but oh well

"Not really,don't think of dating him he ain't going to do no good".Jeez I was only talking to him how is dating him an option already?

"And there goes the Overprotective Louis again!Lou come on I know him for a couple hours,but I guess you're right I'm ready to be the mother of his children".I'm sassy with Louis because he does it all the time to me

"Hey potatos"Niall said

"Oh hi"I answered

"Hey whats up with Ethan?Do you like him?Don't mess with him,he is stupid"he said while stuffing his mouth with chips

"Well ok bye guys"I said done with the Ethan preaching.I walked towards Meg.

"Hey you said you'd sing"

"Oh come on now Maria" she said while trying to walk away but I stopped her

"Ok ok now take this and come with me"I hand her her guitar while making her stand on a stage that Paul and the guys had made earlier for the karaoke!

"OK ladies and gentleman can I have your attention please?"I shout which made everyone look at me"Well thank you,so I want to present you the one and only Megan Styles that is going to perform a song that she wrote!"everyone applaused and I left the stage for Meg.

"You go girl"Harry shouted to Meg while standing next to me.She finished her song and everyone cheered for her. Harry hugged her tightly and then her mum,Paul and the guys,after all of them she approached me and hugged me tightly

"Thanks Maria"

"You are thanking me for what?You did the hard work"

"You know"she smiled at me

"Yes I do"I say smiling before letting her go!

Maria's outfit:


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