Gang Trouble

When 21 years old Maria moves to London for a new start her plans get ruined by Harry,the co-leader of one of the biggest gangs in London.They meet in an illegal car race and he gets captivated by her without knowing anything more than her name.But Maria is not innocent and her past dangerous.Will Harry's actions end up fatal for him and his gang or will they end up having something special?


11. A girlfriend?!

Harry's POV:

I've been away from home for almost a month!I've missed everybody,today I'm going back but not alone.Well one of my goals coming to Liverpool was to find a girlfriend,not the love of my life but someone to make the "text guy" to stop,I know that this is about gun dealing!

Well I can't stop that,I have to find other ways.Her name is Ashley she's really pretty but dumb,that's ok though she doesn't get into my bussiness.I'll take her back to Cheshire with me.

Mum and Paul know about her but no one else does so I just hope there's no drama.But no matter what happens here.Even when I fuck Ashley I can't get Maria out of my mind.That night when that guy was on her I could have killed him.

"Heyyy baby they called us to get on board"Ashley said with her squeaky voice

"Ok let's go"I said sternly(A/N:Well I don't know the distances between Liverpool and Cheshire or if there are airports but let's pretend there are,I'm not from England)


Maria's POV:

Finally Harry is coming back.He will be here anytime soon!

"So how do you feel about Harry coming back?"Zoe asked me while sitting on my bed

"I'm definitely excited and I want to clear some things between us you know"

"Yeah that's for the best I think".

When I was about to speak I heard the doorbell so me and Zoe quickly went downstairs!And there was Harry with...what?What is that....thing?

"Oh hey girls meet Harry's new girlfriend Ashley"Anne said .'Girlfriend seriously?' I though to my self "Hi I'm Maria"I said with a fake smile.Then my eyes just turned to Harry that was intansely looking me in the eyes.

I can't deal with this.Is he really so heartless that he goes around acting like he cares and then does that?I'm not going to stay here and watch this happy family reunion like everything it's fine.It's not.

"Um guys I have to go I'll be back before lunch"I said while grabbing my jacket and my car keys.

Once I'm in the car,I start driving but I can't ease my nerves.Tears roll down my cheeks.They are angry tears.I hate wet anger.I feel weak.I want dry anger because wet anger shows that you care too much and I shouldn't.It's not worth it!

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