Memories of my Brother

I decided I would challenge myself to write a poem for my brother every day this month and this is the result. It is rough and rugged and it is a mere work-in-progress but I'm just writing down stuff I want to say.


19. XIX

My thoughts are cancerous
Mutations of lies
And ideas that refuse to stop duplicating
And no amount of chemicals
Can ever poison away the words
That bloom like tumours
Somewhere between the front
And the back of my skull
And somewhere between yesterday
And tomorrow
Sometimes I go digging down the roots
But to unearth the damage
Is like weeding a meadow of dandelions
Down to soil
Because the first friend I confided in
On the matter of you
Told me that you were lucky
For getting skinny
And every nerve in my body has tightened around that exchange
So that my thought cancer has no choice
But to continue to rupture me
And hijack my mind with the terror
That we live in a world
That is infatuated with your skeleton
And that beatified your self-slavery
Like it planned to send it flowers
And offer a card of congratulations
To the barbs
That had made you

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