Memories of my Brother

I decided I would challenge myself to write a poem for my brother every day this month and this is the result. It is rough and rugged and it is a mere work-in-progress but I'm just writing down stuff I want to say.


13. XIII

Somewhere along the line
Our reflections got broken
Piece by piece
Into slices
That floated on the water like sunshine
And we paddled deeper and deeper
Like we'd find something other than
To nibble our toes
And you were screaming
Like the absent tide could drag
Your tongue back and down your oesophagus
For some reason
You were always younger than me
When it came to water
And I never believed in drowning
In the shards of me
That were cutting me open
At the hip
So I slipped my way under the surface
Like the water would let me masquerade
As part of it
And your voice broke on the crests
That licked at your thighs
And sometimes I think that
That fragme
was whe
n it al
l bega
n to un
and so i
told y
ou tha
t only i
was al
to dri
nk the ri
ver wit
h my fi
and you h
ad to ju
st watc
h me whi
le the m
irror shatt
ered be
neath t
he blad
es of 
my f

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