Memories of my Brother

I decided I would challenge myself to write a poem for my brother every day this month and this is the result. It is rough and rugged and it is a mere work-in-progress but I'm just writing down stuff I want to say.


2. II

We sat up late
Counting the night out into studs
And splinters
I said I could count to 300
Because it was the biggest number I could think of
You never believed me
Because, at six, you knew that
My three-year-old body was not old enough to hold
All those digits.
You made shadow puppets
On the walls
And I cowered from the wolves of your fingers
And their jaws and vices,
Afraid that they'd crawl through me
Leaving maggot holes.
All those summer nights now seem to merge
Like time was young enough
And fractional enough
Not to follow the rules
So we tented under the duvet cover
And believed that
To sit up late
Was to break the law.

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