Walking to the Gates

"Either way I'm looking over or under you encouraging you to stay strong and fight this war against society."
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2. Chapter 1

Chapter 1

The girl suddenly didn't feel like going to Math. So she walked right passed Mr. Smiths class and headed straight for her usual place. The library. She walked in and looked and the librarian who gave her sadden eyes. She knew what was going on. She's told the office multiple times but they won't do a thing about there precious football players. Along  with there varsity cheer leaders. Organized sports are so fascist it makes me sick.

I walked to my usual spot way in far back right corner. I sat down at the semi old wooden table. I set my pre cal books down in front of me and started the next lesson. To tell you the truth I was smart I was a junior in high school but taking all senior classes. I've always taken honors classes. I could graduate this year I have all my credits but the school won't let me. They just give me some bullshit reason every time I try to argue. 

I hated thinking about being here another year it made me want to burst into tears and I was not about to let myself cry not one single tear. After I finished my math I realized a had a historic essay due for English and History. So went around grabbing a bunch of books that I thought were important to the topic. I had grabbed so many and surround my seat that you could barely tell I was there. 

I heard loud voices through out the library and noticed a Senior English coming into the library. I rolled my eyes but noticed the Harry guy with the class. Wow didn't know he was a Senior. They all sat down at tables and Mrs. Buckmen the librarian started to explain the books they should get for their history/english essay. 

"So you're a senior also?" I heard a voice right next to me. I look over to be meet by his evergreen orbs.

"Actually no.. I'm a junior." I responded.

"But you're in all senior classes?" He questioned.

"Pretty much.." I say quietly.

"So you still never gave me a name?" He said taking a seat right next to but never loosing eye contact with my face.

"It's not like it's important." I breath.

"Well to me it is." He said back.


"Because if were gonna be friends I at least have to know your name." He smiled.

"Well being friends with me is nothing special. Besides then everyone will most likely treat you like shit for it." I choke and get up and start putting away all the books I had out away.

"I wouldn't care because you seem like the best person around here." He said following me.



"It's Ali.." I say once more.

"Ali what?"

"Ali James."

"I like it."

Ali grabbed all her stuff and gently looked at the clock. The bell was due to ring any minute so she went and stood by the library exit towards the parking lot.

"Not going to class?" I heard his voice once again.

"Nope these people are shit."

As the bell rang she quickly walked out. Going straight to the wooded path. She turned to see the boy right next to her.

"Not scared to miss the first day of your classes?" She questioned.

"There all bullshit anyways." He smirked. "Plus I wanna know more about you." He peered down at me.

"Well that's a very slim chance." I breath.

"Well Ali James life's all about taking chances."

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