Love until the end

Penny Jackson adopted daughter of Poseidon and the only daughter of Tarturus the pit, realizes that she loves the only other outcast at camp half - blood, Nico di Angelo she decides to confess to him about how she feels about him and he feels the exact same way! Will the two outcasts finally be accepted and find love?


2. The wedding and after!

I woke up a hour before the alarm went off and realized that I hadn't had any nightmares that night I looked at nico who had me in a death grip I got out of his grasp and got clothes on and went to piper's cabin to get ready and I was ready in about half an hour and nico was just coming in as I left I went and checked on the preparations and smiled I went into the tent and waited with percy until the music started and we had to go percy was the one that gave me away since poseidon was to busy to attend. After the party ended me and nico went to bed.

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