Love until the end

Penny Jackson adopted daughter of Poseidon and the only daughter of Tarturus the pit, realizes that she loves the only other outcast at camp half - blood, Nico di Angelo she decides to confess to him about how she feels about him and he feels the exact same way! Will the two outcasts finally be accepted and find love?


1. The decision

               Penny's p.o.v.

     I was listening to Percy and Tyson's snores trying to decide who was going to be my husband only two boys stepped up both very powerful. Nico di Angelo and Leo Valdez. I finally made up my mind and threw on a sweat shirt and sweat pants and went over to somebody's cabin when I got to the Hades cabin I knocked fully aware that Nico would be up from the nightmares. He opened the door and let me in he face planted on his pillow muttering greek curses towards my father Tartuarus. I fell asleep sitting up listening to Nico curse in greek and italian. I woke up to nico shaking me awake and he got slapped in the face I was still on the floor but i had a blanket on me I assumed nico put it on me while i was shivering in my dreams about falling into tartuarus with him.

"Get up Penny"




"Now Penny"


"Penny we are going to be late."

"I am not going to be late you are."

"Fair point."

"Thanks, now leave me alone."


While Nico took about 30 minutes to get ready it took me about ten seconds because all i have to do is spin to be ready. When Nico came out I was leaning against the wall waiting for him. we left for the ceremony and of course I chose Nico and he look shocked, overjoyed, and happy all at the same time and a cabin was set to the side for us and me and Nico went to bed his arms around me and me facing the outside of the bed. Nico murmured "into my hair goodnight penny I love you."

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