No Control

Isaac didn't know what hit him when he saw Courtney but he was goner.


1. beautiful


i had knew her as long as  i can remember but i never really paid attention to her. she was just another girl from others. we never were friends, i haven't even said word to her, even that we had same friends and stuff. but i felt like bus had hit me when the last week of summer holiday i was in fun park with my two best friends and i saw her giggling with her friends as she ate ice cream. she was beautiful. breathtaking. she had long brown hair and light brown skin like Spanish people does.  and she has big eyes what are almost black but when she laughs or smiles you can see that they are dark brown. i just stared her as my friends were talking to each others next to me. she noticed me and looked me back her smile bit faded as she looked me back. being me, shy and not know how to act around girls, well around beautiful girls, i just looked her. not smiling. so lame. she walked of with her friends and she looked me on more time. i knew i was so out of her league. shes is the type who hangs with lot of people and everyone knows her and likes her and i just have few good friends who i hang with and when the schools started i noticed i wasn't the only one who had noticed how beautiful she was. everyone was talking about her."Isaac." Daniel said as i was in my dreamland again."huh?"i said. "are you coming? p.e starts soon." Daniel said. "oh,yeah." i said as i followed my friends outside. she is Junior and i'm Senior so her school had ended and i still had two hours left.but like that mattered. were was she anyway? maybe she had already left. we walked past the place where students came to smoke after school. smoking. that's just disgusting and stupid and when girl smokes its totally turn off. but then i saw her. she didn't notice me. she was busy talking to some guy. she turned to see who were walking past and her eyes locked with mine my staring dropped to cigarette what was on her fingers. really? she noticed it and took the cigarette between her lips and breathed the smoke out of her lungs not breaking the stare then she little shook her head and turned back to her friend or who ever it was. end of the school day i couldn't stop thinking about her how she took  the cigarette between her lips. was i jealous of that piece of shit what destroys your lungs and gives you cancer? oh yes i was. what the hell... "hey man are you okay?" Daniel asked as the school day finally ended. "yeah, why?" i said."i don't know, you seem bit clouded. i mean you have been so quiet and weird." he said. "ah, it's nothing, i'm fine." i said as we made our way to bus stop. "are you sure? you like someone? last when you were like this it was when you had the crush on that chick, what was her name? Annabel?" Daniel said. sometimes i hated how good he knew me. "i don't like anyone." i said. "are you sure?" he teased. "i am." i said. "i will find out." he joked. "yeah right." i said as we entered into bus. "are you coming to this party?" he  asked. "what party?" i said. "nothing like that, its just party after the game you know celebrating if we win." he said. "well if we win." i said. "hey, we will win. we had always won." he said. "so are you coming?" he asked."okay whatever. "i said. 

after i had done some lame homework  my mum took me to my game. have i told you i play football. well yeah we were having this little game against West high. well like Daniel said we always won if the West is playing. 


"good game mate!now lets go partyy!" he yelled in locker room. i followed Daniel to some home party. drinking and people dancing. why were i here again? i don't even drink. i don't want to do things like that when i try to be in goos shape if you know what i mean. "loose up bit Isaac. go get some chick." Daniel said giving me red cup what was filled with beer. "no i'm fine really." i said trying to give the cup back but the idiot had already left. so there was i standing red cup in my hand not knowing what do. this is totally the wrong place. i turned around and took step to get away from this place and just get home but my plan was cut by someone who had run into me and i took steps back as the cup dropped from my hand and the beer was all over my shirt. i saw girl who had run on to me loosing her balance and starting to fall and i crapped her waist not letting her fall. i quickly awkwardly took my hands off her when she was standing on her feet. "Tyler don't touch me." she groaned but then stopped when she noticed me. "oh you are not Tyler... gosh, i'm so sorry." she said looking my shirt. she lifter her head and it was like someone just took the air from my lungs and my body started tingle as she looked me with her big brown eyes what were wide and her cheeks were bit red. "it's okay." i managed to say. "i'm really sorry... um  Isaac? is it?" she said. she knew my name?! yes of course she does, you dumb ass.  "it's really okay, Courtney?" i said. "yeah that's me, i'm sorry for you shirt." she smiled biting her lip as she looked me. "it's fine, i never really liked this shirt anyway." i said smiling little as i felt my cheeks get hot. great now i'm blushing in front of her. "why? it's nice shirt." she asked. "i don't know.." i said awkwardly."but i'm sorry, i might be bothering you, i think i will go now." i said. "oh umm, you are not bothering me, i was just leaving.." i said. "why? this party haven't even started?" she said. "well.. i'm not so party person.." i said. "yeah, i see." she said. i was trying to continue our conversation when her phone rang. "yeah, oh.well. okay. i will come." she said and hung the call. "well it seems that  i have to leave too." she said. i nod biting my cheek. we headed out. "are you following me?" she asked. "uum, no i live at this direction." i said. "i was just kidding." she smiled. i smiled. she was so cute? "this is me. bye Isaac." she said as she stopped in front of house. "bye." i said. "yeah, uuum Sorry for your shirt again." play full smile played on her lips as she walked away.  


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