When You Will Come

Her life is full of uncovered mysteries, what if all of them unleash at once ?


1. The Truth Revealed ?

     Soaked in water, and panting, trying to catch my breath, I entered the room. Before turning the door handle, I hesitated for merely the time of a heartbeat, then I abruptly shook my head, shaking the thoughts that were coming to my mind, I turned the handle. I found myself standing in a room with antique furniture and many wall hangings, some were portraits of people whom I recognized from the get togethers that I had been to over the past few years.

         "Good evening." I said in merely an audible whisper, I felt both scared and nervous on what was to come. "Hmm." The croaky voice of an old woman replied. "How are you?" I asked, a bit concerned. "Alive." she replied. I sighed and cautiously sat beside her.

        She was my godmother, name, Samantha. I never knew if it was her first name or last whether to say Miss or Mrs. before it, everyone, younger or elder, called her by her name. After my parents passed she had taken care of me. She raised me like her own. But still there was something about her that was so sinister, so mysterious. She never kept eye contact with me, as afraid I would read her eyes. There were night when she would shut me in a room and there would be sounds of shouts, sometimes loud "bangs", the sound of pistols and I would curl in one corner of the room like a cat, wondering what could be happening, praying she would be okay, praying everything would be normal.

        Years passed and I grew up that way, used to the sounds, the shut ins, the strange people visiting, their strange sparkling eyes, their weird names, the sorts of food that she served them and the languages they conversed in was different almost every time. I always would ask her about who they were and she would always smile with her thin lips and tell me that it was not the right time to tell me.

         Samantha had sparkling green eyes, almost like a cat or witch, long blonde hair, a very sleek figure. Very old fashioned. On the other hand I had black hair, blue eyes and a good height for my age.

        She had been very sick lately and today she had called me in her room, it had been restricted for me since my childhood. I was allowed to go anywhere in the house at anytime but not her room. I was always keen to see what was in it, but today that I was called, I was slight;y terrified at what could be inside. Knowing the type of person Samantha was, she could even had a pet Lion.

               Samantha coughed, taking me out of my thoughts, thoughts of all the memories we had shared, "Yes?" I asked taking her old hand in mine. I rubbed her right hand with both my hands, as if it was going to help her. "Shelby, today I think it is time you know the truth." she said. I immediately drew closer to her, all my attention towards her now. This was what I had been waiting for so long.

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