"We're falling apart," she whispers. "And then tape can't even hold us together anymore."


8. Seven

Things get left behind. They get left behind and forgotten.


She does not want to be forgotten.

"I don't feel tired anymore," Grace says softly from her chair. "I don't feel anymore."

"Why?" Toby's girlfriend, Ella, asks. 
Confusion and sympathy showing on her face.

Grace doesn't respond, gripping her white lace hair bow tighter in her hands. She was about to cry, she was about to tell Ella things she'd sworn to herself she'd never share with anyone. 
Ella had heard Toby talking to his friend about Grace after. Turns out Ella and Grace had been friends when they were younger, but went to different high schools and don't see eachother as often as they used to anymore. 
So Ella went over to Grace's to try and comfort her.

Grace bit her lip, waiting for the fire in her blood to erupt.

"Maybe I don't want to." She stares ahead. "I don't believe in happiness anymore." He gazes at her, her long hair knotted at the ends, sticking out in the back, parted wrong. "How can you be happy... when there's so much to be sad about?"

"Grace. I know it was tough for you with... you know... and all. But you need to just try to live your life" Ella said, staring Grace right in her pretty emerald green eyes. They were transfixing. Ella looks down quickly and fixes her gaze elsewhere.

Grace couldn't help but notice the crystal clear liquid rolling down her cheek.

"Ella? Talk to me"

"Well, remember Ty?" Ella asks, taking a deep breath.

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