My Life As Wendy

Stephanie gives the TRUTH and behind the scene look into the what kind of life you have working at Wendys fast food restaurant . As well as some other insights.


1. Its just the beginning

I never planned on working at Wendys, in fact working at any fast food place was never a thought. I always considered myself a nerd, always into reading and attempted to get good grades. In my mind working in fast food was something drop outs did, and boy will I be the first to admit I was wrong. I remember applying to wendys because I needed some extra money and my best friend's boyfriend was the boss so I knew I was guaranteed the job. I have been there over a year now, which for those of you who don't know is very shocking. I have seen at least 30 people over the past year who have been hired, and then fired a few weeks later. When friends find out where I work they obviously have some basic questions well I am here to answer them. Yes, wendys is actually clean..well at least my wendys is. Our meat is fresh, never frozen. Every night our salads are thrown out and fresh ones are made in the morning. Chicken is not placed on them until they are ordered. Overall Wendys is pretty fresh. One thing which I am sure you have heard is that our chili is old hamburger meet (this is true). Our chili is the only thing that is not in fact fresh like everything else. Anyway enough about the simple things, a lot happens behind the scene at Wendys...and I'm here to dish it all. 

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