Fallen Angel

A young teen falls for a guy she had no idea she would ever fall for. But when she realizes that he loves another girl as well. Will she be able to fight for him? Or will she give up just when she realizes that there's no hope?


5. The Mistake She Made

I woke up in cold sweat, dreaming about what happened last night. I couldn't believe Dominic had kissed me. It felt so real, so electric. But I didn't know what I was going to do about it. Nor did I know if he really meant what he said. My phone vibrated on the carpet floor and glanced quickly at the screen. It was Audrey. I rolled off my bed, falling face first onto the ground and picked up the phone before it went straight to voicemail.


"Hey, Alexis!" Audrey shouted with excitement.


"Uh, hi? Isn't it a bit late for you to call me?" I squinted at my alarm clock and saw that it was only eight at night. I sighed heavily.


"Well, I have some good news and you might want to sit down for it." Audrey giggled.


"I'm already on the floor. What is it?" I sat up and rubbed my face.


"Dominic broke up with Amber!!" She screamed.


"He what?" I choked.


"He broke up with Ms. Redhead. He's single again, can you believe that?" I stood up, breathing fast.


"When did he break up with her?" I blinked hard, remembering last night.


What if broke up with her when he went after me?


"When he and Amber left from you and Caleb's double date, why do you ask?"


"No reason...no reason at all." I closed my eyes and sat on the edge of my bed. After everything I said last night, he had broken up with his hot girlfriend for me. And yet, I had the audacity to leave him in the rain.


What is wrong with me?


"Audrey, I-I-I have to tell you something, but it has to be face-to-face and you have to promise me you won't ever tell anyone, please" I pleaded.


"Fine, what time should I come over?" She sighed.


"As soon as possible, you probably won't believe me when I tell you what happened last night."


"Now I definitely want to know. I'll be right over." She hung up. I placed my phone flat on my bed, and took a deep breath. This is going to be a long night.


Audrey knocked on my front door within ten minutes of her calling me. I managed to change out of my baby blue tank top and my white shorts, putting on skinny blue jeans and a white blouse instead.


Audrey was wearing a yellow summer dress and white wedged heels. Her eyes shone with excitement and curiosity. She really wanted to know what my secret was. I stepped to the side before she stepped on my red ballad shoes. She hurried to my room and plopped onto my bed.


I rolled my eyes, sighing.


"Okay, tell me...please." She flashed me her pearly white teeth. I raised my eyebrows.


"Aren't you in my house?" I crossed my arms.


"Yeah, but I'm your best friend and you tell me everything."


"Oh, really? Is that what you think?" I gritted my teeth.


"It's what I know." She smiled wide.


"Fine. I...had my first kiss." My face flushed, and I couldn't help but look at the ground.


"Aw! With who?" She jumped off my bed, placing her hands on my arms, shaking me playfully.


"Dominic." I whispered to myself. She dropped her arms and her mouth made an O.


"No way!" She smiled wider than she has ever had before.


"Yes..." I tried not to look into the eyes.


"How was it?" She asked, after half an hour of silence.


"It was...electrifying. I felt butterflies in my stomach for the first time." I touched my index finger softly on my bottom lip, remembering his warmth.


"What happened afterward?" Audrey sat back down on my bed.


"I told him off and I walked back home, leaving him in the rain." I said with my face full of guilt. Audrey gasped and nearly slapped my face. I flinched.


"No, you can't be telling the truth. He broke up with his girlfriend for you, and kissed you. And you manage to ruin that because...?" She glared at me.


"Because I thought he was still with her. I'm sorry! Okay, is that what you want me to say? I'm sorry..." I sat on my bed, nearly in tears.


"No...I want you to apologize to him and make it up to him. You guys are practically made for each other." She gleamed.


"You sure? I don't want to do this because of your theory about fate." I sighed, cupping my face in my hands.


"I'm sure." She nodded. I jumped up and smiled.


"Then I'll do it. Where do I start?" I grinned.


"Hm..." She stood up and peeked out the window. "How about there?" I raised my eyebrow and walked toward her. I peeked out the window and saw Dominic sitting on the tunnel I used to sit on. I took a deep breath and nodded slowly.


"Alright. I'll do it." I waltzed off to the park.


"I'll be here when you are done." She screamed, and jumped onto my bed.


Dominic stood in silence as I walked toward him. His body faced the houses and his gaze was on the sky. The stars were coming out and the sun was hiding behind the clouds. I stopped right next to the steps, and glanced at the sun set.


"It's amazing, isn't it?" I commented, looking at him. He didn't budge. His gaze was still on the sky. I walked up the steps and stood next to the tunnel. "I've always wondered what was beyond the stars...where it would lead me." I smiled softly. He closed his eyes. 


"I figured there were life outside of ours. Those who know we exist, but don't want to be known because of how violent we get, especially when we are afraid." He spoke softly. I looked down and he gazed at me. "Alexis...I'm sorry about last night. I promise that it will never happen again. I just...didn't know what had got into me. I'm not like that...not desperate...not needy." He jumped off the tunnel, and walked up the steps toward me.


"Maybe that's what I needed. Maybe it's what I still need." I looked into his blue eyes. He stared back, smiling softly.


"You are some girl, huh?" He chuckled. I smiled wide.


"And you are some guy I barely know." I raised my eyebrows.


"True. But it's not that you know someone that makes them your friend...or more, it's the fact that you want to know more about them. That you care about them more than yourself." He licked his lips, and my heart started to race.


"So what does that make me...?" I bit my lip.


"Whatever you want to be." He smirked, and I giggled. I slid my hand into his, squeezing softly. He glanced back at the purple sky and smiled. I leaned my head against his shoulder and closed my eyes.


Best night ever.

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