Fallen Angel

A young teen falls for a guy she had no idea she would ever fall for. But when she realizes that he loves another girl as well. Will she be able to fight for him? Or will she give up just when she realizes that there's no hope?


8. The Boy In The Shadows

Caleb's P.O.V.


He doesn't deserve her. All he does is take advantage of everyone and everything. Why would he deserve a girl such as Alexis? She's so smart. Her long brown hair streams down the center of her back. Her eyes shine with compassion and wisdom. And she knows exactly what to say to make you smile. Her smile is so warm. She has dimples in her cheeks too. I wish I could kiss her square on those plush pink lips.


I gently touched my index finger to my lips, and felt a small shudder throughout my body. Her warmth against mine. My face burns red. The sun blared into his darkened room, it was nearly empty and only had a twin size bed with a desk. On that desk was a red laptop, it was opened to the pictures folder. The folder was full of pictures of Alexis and Dominic; kissing, hugging, being together.


I growled. I belonged with Alexis. She...belonged to me. I slammed the laptop closed and crossed across my room to my bed. The silk bed covers laid neatly against the mattress and my badly beatened pillow was soaked with tears.


"You are such a baby," a girl spoke, she was leaning against the wall near the bed. She had rolled her eyes and crossed her arms against her chest.


"Why are you so rude to me?" I whinned.


"Because you cry over a girl who doesn't even like you. How could she? You have no respect for your own being," She remarked.


"You don't know that...I respect my-" She walked over to the laptop and flipped it open. She looked through the pictures and turned toward me with disgust on her face.


"You are such a f***ing stalker. Give this girl a break..." I snatched the laptop out of her hand and turned it off.


"...how? She doesn't belong with him...she belongs with me..." I muttered.


"Then do something about it...and I can help with that," She smirked and rubbed her hands together.


"No, you are too scandalous. I'm always in trouble because of you. Not this time, I want to get her on my OWN," I whispered to myself. Thoughts of taking Alexis away from Dominic. Am I going to confess how I feel? No...she clearly doesn't feel the same way. Should I do something about him and Amber? I mean, I know they are over. But who says he's over her.

"Alright, but I want to have a part..." She smirked some more.


"Fine..." He says to himself and turns toward the girl but she's not there anymore.




I snuck behind Dominic's house and crouched behind a small bush. The bush was neatly trimmed and used to have roses growing where the stubs were. I was being careful with the thorns. Amber slipped out of her car wearing a trench coat underneath she was wearing seductive lingerie with a note clutched into her hand. I smirked softly. She got the note...perfect.


She walked up to his doorstep and knocked lightly. She leaned against the wall and unbuttoned the trench coat revealing the lacey outlines of the lingerie. The door creaked open slightly and Dominic peeked. His eyes shot open and his mouth was agape. She tackled him and started to kiss him.


I pulled the cover off the lens and took a silent photo without flash snapping at lightning speed. Dominic tried to pull back but he eventually slipped into her seduction.


I got up when they closed the door behind them. I snuck around the corner of his house. It was a tall, blue two-story building with flowers proportioned perfectly between the white picket fence and the front porch. I climbed the tree near what seemed to be Dominic's bedroom and positioned myself so I could get the perfect angle.


Amber and Dominic started to take off each other's clothes and I started to record it. This is for stealing Alexis from me.


I sent the video to everyone's phone on an anonymous number. I smirked. Your welcome, Dominic.




I placed my phone onto my bed.


"She doesn't need me," I sighed.


"She will...trust me. She'll be coming back to you in a flash. You're a catch," the girl whispered into my ear. Her breath gave me goosebumps and my body shivered.


"Thanks," I stood up and stuck my hands into my jacket pockets.


"Just wait...and we'll see..." She kissed my cheek and disappeared into the house.


"What did I get myself into...?" I covered my face, tears streaming down my face uncontrollably.



Alexis' P.O.V.


"I think I'm doing the right thing..." I stuffed my hands into my jacket pockets, shivering from the cold winds. I walked up to the sidewalk and reached the porch of the house. The house was pitch black and no lights were on. My eyebrows scrunched together. Weird. I reached out to knock the door and hesitated.


"He must be busy..." Almost steps back but knocks on the door lightly. "I need him..." I breathed slowly and sighed.


The door opened and a smile appeared on my face. "Hi," my face burned slightly.


"Hi," he said and flipped his hair slightly.


                                  To be continued...




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