Fallen Angel

A young teen falls for a guy she had no idea she would ever fall for. But when she realizes that he loves another girl as well. Will she be able to fight for him? Or will she give up just when she realizes that there's no hope?


12. Taken

Dominic's P.O.V.


          Where is she? Alexis isn't the type of person to miss school even if she were to break all her limbs.

           "Hey, Audrey. Do you know where Alexis is?" I rubbed the back of my head, as I sat onto the edge of my bed, keeping the phone pressed to my ear. For the past three months, Audrey and I have become friends, but not necessarily the best of friends. She understands how I feel about Alexis and she wants us together. But she also knows that I hurt Alexis deeply and severely. I had to apologize to her a million times before she would speak to me at all.

           "No. Sorry, I'm pretty sure she's fine wherever she is." Her voice cracked with sadness. I knew she missed Alexis and was sad that she stormed off the other day. But that's something she can't help until Alexis is back...from wherever she is at the moment.

            "Yeah...I just...I worry about her. Ever since she's been hanging around that Jeremy guy, she's been acting odd. I just don't like that." I started to shake and looked intently at the ground. "I still..."

            "I know. You don't have to keep reminding me every time we talk about her. Then again, when do we ever talk about anything beside her?" She laughed. She's right. Ever since I've met Alexis, all I could think about was her. All day, all night. I even sometimes dream about her. But when do I talk about anything else?

           "I have no clue." I shrugged, sighing deeply.

           "Dominic, I know you still care about her. But you have to let go of her. If she still loves you, and wants to be with you, she'll be with you in time. Just be patient."

            "You very well are aware that patience is not one of my best qualities."

            "I'm aware. But you need to learn how to be."

            She hanged up and I sat in silence. I can't do anything else for her. She's out of reach...

           I sighed deeply once more and looked out my bedroom window. In clear view, I could see the park I used to go off to. The park I met Alexis. The park I told her that I loved her. How can I just let go of something so amazing? Laying back, I thought of the days that have gone by. Where has she gone...?



Caleb's P.O.V.


         Rage overwhelmed me, causing me to punch my bedroom wall. The warm sensation of blood oozed down my hand and I gulped hard. "Where did she go?" I punched the wall again with my other hand. I heard a snap and yelped out loud.

         "She's not going to come back by doing that." The girl whispered in my ear. I growled internally and turned to her.

         "What do you expect me to do? To just sit here and wait patiently for her to come back? You're insane. You know damn well that I need her..." I whispered to myself as I wrapped my broken hand in a bandage.

         "You don't need her. You want her. You've always wanted her, yet, you never had the audacity to tell her how you felt. Why didn't you? Why did it have to take her heart being broken before you told her?!" She shouted. I grinded my teeth together and looked away from her.

          "Why does it even matter anymore? She's gone..." I sat onto the ground, tears spilling down my face.

          "Because you're weak. You've always have been. You wouldn't even be talking to me if you were strong. I'm just a figment of your imagination, remember?" I managed to catch a smirk from her before she disappeared.

          "She's right..." I let the sadness take over and I sobbed for hours.

          I'm just weak...



Alexis' P.O.V.


            "Where am I?!" I screamed, my voice bouncing off the walls. Tears clouded my vision and I could hardly see the person who sat in the corner of the room. "Why did you kidnap me?" The person stood up, creeping closer to where I sat. My heart started to race rapidly, beating against my ribcage. 
             They stood inches away from me, holding a sharpened blade. Tears streamed down my face. "Please don't kill me." I choked up. They sat in silence as I cried. After I had no more tears to cry, they wiped away my tears. I flinched as they touched me. They hushed me and kept smearing away my salted tears till there was no trace of them.

             "You're here because I want you..." A masculine voice whispered and my body started to shake.

             "W-w-why...?" He cut the ropes that held me against the chair and grabbed my arm, making me yelp in pain as he yanked me out of the room. All I could remember seeing after that was a white light.




          I woke up in a dim-lighted bedroom. As I attempted to sit up, I felt pains in between my legs. My mind went blank and I covered my mouth as I sobbed silently. He raped me... I managed to slide my body off the bed and onto the wooden floor. It felt cold against my feet and I shivered lightly. Kneeling down, I grabbed my clothes and put them on. I don't even remember last night.

           Finally slipping into my shoes, I started to look around. There was a king-sized bed with Egyptian cotton sheets, along with dozens of pillows. This person must have money. I tried to look for a window but found that there wasn't one. I started to tear up but blinked them away. Across the room was a door, I walked up to it, having a small shred of hope, until I clutched the doorknob and it was locked. Falling to the ground, I sobbed again and sat there until the door opened.

          "Good morning, love." Jeremy smiled wide as he walked in with a tray. I looked up at him with shock. He placed the tray down, while the door behind him clicked shut.

          "Jeremy?" I blinked. He ushered me to the bed and tucked me into the blankets. "What the hell?!" I screamed as I attempted to climb out of bed. He slapped me hard against my temple. I felt blood spew out of my cheek and I sniffled.

        "Sorry babe. But you need to sit still. I have a proposal..." He grinned, placing the food trap onto my lap.

        "No. I'm not going to do anything for you." I pushed away the tray.

        "Oh...you will, when your friends' lives are on the line." I gasped.

        "So what do you think about being my personal sex slave?" He winked and I vomited in my mouth. I thought he was a nice person...I guess I was wrong about him. Like I am with every other boy in this world.


To be continued


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