Fallen Angel

A young teen falls for a guy she had no idea she would ever fall for. But when she realizes that he loves another girl as well. Will she be able to fight for him? Or will she give up just when she realizes that there's no hope?


7. Once A Cheater, Always The Love Of My Life

I couldn't believe Dominic cheated on me with Amber. But what can I expect? She's perfect, the captain of the cheerleading squad. She is a walking Barbie doll. She has straight A's and a perfect life. I don't have that; my life is next to ordinary. How could he not run back to her?


My head spun as I looked around my darkened room. I didn't want the lights on. I felt that I didn't need any light on this horrific moment of my life. There has been worse moments, but there hasn't been any that have compared. The fan spun slowly, as I gazed up at the ceiling. My mind kept spinning with images of Dominic and Amber together. Nausea made my stomach churn. There was nothing that made any sense in my life. Nothing made sense at all.


The love of my life ran back to his ex, my best friend has a new boyfriend and my dad is going to be gone for months. I'm just alone in this cruel thing called Life. All I have is my Princess.


Princess laid sprawled against my stomach, whimpering. I guess I'm not the only one who feels down today.


My phone vibrated beside me. I could guess that it was Dominic apologizing for what he did, and saying he didn't mean it. But if it were true, would he have done it at all? My heart broke into a million pieces, and I decided that he would have to do a lot more than apologize for me to even consider forgiving him. My hand reached for the phone, then I hesitated. Desperation is never the answer.


"The one time I open my heart...the one person I let in...and he breaks my heart into a million pieces" I closed my eyes and hummed a random melody. Tears streamed down my face as I thought back to what I got myself into. I shouldn't have fallen in love with someone I barely even knew.


My phone went off and I stared at it. The caller ID read "Caleb", and I slowly reached for it. I slid my finger across the screen and raised it to my ear.


"..." I stared at the wall not knowing what to say.


"Hey..." Caleb whispered. "You okay?"


"Less okay, really, but I'll be fine," I doubted it. But never say never.


"Do you mind if I come over?"


"I-I don't know if you should. My house is a mess. Of course, I'm not trying to be rude or anything." I faked a smile, wiping away remaining tears.


"Oh. Well, if you need someone there for you, don't hesitate to text me. Okay?"


"Okay," I smiled weakly. "Well, talk to you later," I pressed the hang up button and sighed. Having company wouldn't have been that bad.


 I pulled my body up and glanced around my room. Pillows were ripped to shreds, blankets scattered across the floor, clothing thrown all over the room. I blinked. What did I do?




Caleb's P.O.V.


"Did you tell her?" a girl said softly.


"No. But I don't know if I should. I don't think she'll trust me anymore," Caleb bit his lip.


"You're the one who published the video online," the girl retorted.


"I know. But I just have a feeling like it wasn't the right thing to do. Even if it seemed like the right thing..." He looked down at the ground.


"I guess we'll have to wait and see," the girl patted his arm.


"Fine...but what if she finds out on her own?" He looked up at the girl.


"She won't find out. I promise it," She hugged him tight. "See you later, buddy"


Caleb looked at a picture of Alexis smiling and sighed. Was it really the right thing to do?




Dominic's P.O.V.


No, no, no, no, no, NO.


I paced in my room, throwing everything in sight to the ground. How in the world did that video get out?! And who the h*** video taped us?!


I bit my lip hard enough to make it bleed. The metallic tang of my blood soothed me a bit, but the rage that was building inside me grew and grew, like a fire exposed to wood.


Amber obviously meant nothing to me. The fact that we had one final one night stand meant that it was done between me and her. I shouldn't have done it though.


Why did I do it...?


The familiar feeling of lust when I was around her. The desire that rushed into my body. I couldn't resist it. I just couldn't avoid feeling that way.


My fists clenched against the side of my body, tears of rage and sadness rushed down my face. I unclenched my fists and cried silently.


"I lost...the love of my life..." I whispered to myself.




Alexis' P.O.V.


The next morning was just like all the others. Like a nightmare I could never run away from. I couldn't imagine going back to school with everyone knowing what happened. Knowing I was in this uncomfortable situation.


As I walked into the school, people stared at me for a moment then look away. They obviously felt sorry for me. Great. That's exactly what I needed.


I walked toward my locker and people scattered away from it. Notes were plastered on my locker. They read: 


You are nothing.

Dating a wh***, that's a step up.

I'm glad he cheated on you, you deserved it.

Loner for life, get used to it.


I touched the notes gently. How can people say this about me...? I blinked away tears. No one can hurt me. I'm already hurt. You can't hurt me more than I'm already am.


I opened my locker, put my bag into it, took out my notebooks and slightly closed my locker. I faked the biggest smile of my life and walked to class. I saw Dominic wearing all black and had his hood up. He quickly glanced up at me, blinking slightly, and I managed to keep contact with him for five seconds before walking to the end of the hallway. I ran to my classroom when he was out of sight.


His eyes shone with tears. Was he going through what I was going through? I doubt it.


Tears streamed down my face and all I could think about was Dominic betraying me. Amber walked the opposite direction of me and smirked as she saw my conditition. That girl thinks she got me...she has no idea...no...idea.





Author's Note:


I managed to type this in my personal finance class and I also took notes in the class. Don't ask how. I just managed to. I hope you enjoy it because there are going to be more things I add on to this and more and more. I don't want to be a spoiler...but...nope. You'll just have to wait. Bye lovelies. ;)


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