Fallen Angel

A young teen falls for a guy she had no idea she would ever fall for. But when she realizes that he loves another girl as well. Will she be able to fight for him? Or will she give up just when she realizes that there's no hope?


3. Miss Moving On

It's been a week since I talked to him, since he confessed how he felt. And since I last saw him. I've been avoiding him the whole time. I just had nothing to say. Or maybe I did. But I just couldn't say anything because I knew I would feel guilty.


I walked down the steps of the bus, and walked home. I doubt that he loves me now. I don't even deserve happiness. I opened the front door of my house. It's been 8 years since I first moved in here. And I just can't bear knowing that when high school is over, I'll be leaving it. I touched the door frame, knowing how many people have came over, and how many times my mom left without us. I sighed. She never really wanted to stay. She only really cared about herself, and always about herself.


I just wish someone in my life would stick around. I walked in and closed the door behind me. The house smelled of cinammon apples, and I loved it. I looked around, and sighed. I guessed my dad wasn't home. A medium-sized dog came running down the stairs, and started jumping on my legs.


"Aw. Hey, Princess." The pure white husky started barking, and I kneeled down to hug her. She started to lick my face, and I pushed her away. "Ew. That's gross." I started to stand back up and walked up the steps. I passed by my dad's room, and walked past the bathroom in the hallway, and opened my bedroom door. My room was well lit, with all my stuff organized in a neat manner. It took me forever to keep everything in order. And I won't let it go back to the dumps it was before. My walls were painted light orange, with red roses here and there. My curtains were light blue, allowing sunlight into my room. And my bed was far in the corner.


I walked over to it, and placed my bag on top of my comforter. I threw myself onto my bed, and closed my eyes. Dominic...Dominic...Dominic Haze. I sighed. Is he ever going to leave my mind? I guess not. I stood up and grabbed a book from one of my shelves. The cover was styled classically, and it read, "To Kill a Mockingbird". I smiled. This book was truly a treasure.


My phone started to vibrate on my bed. I looked behind me, and grabbed it. There was two texts from my best friend Audrey. I guess she came back from Puerto Rico. I unlocked my phone and read her texts. They read, "Omg!!! I'm back. I missed you so much!!! Text me back when you can.". The other read, "I heard there is a cute boy named Dominic Haze at school. Did you hear anything about him?".


I blinked. She found out about him. I wonder if she knows that I spent some time with him. I started to text, "yeah...I do...we sort of met at the park", but I erased it and started to text over again.


Alexis: No? Who is he?


I pressed send. It was better to act innocent than spill the beans. Audrey texted back the moment I sent mine. I giggled. She tended to do that.


Audrey: OMG!!! He's a hottie!! I managed to get a pic, wanna see?!



I laughed and texted back.


Alexis: sure, why not?


I stared at the ceiling and daydreamed about Dominic, and felt my phone buzz in my hands, and she sent the picture. Dominic was wearing a grey muscle shirt, and white basketball shorts, with his hair everywhere, but in a cute way. And his smile, sparkled somehow. My heart started to race, and I gulped. Oh boy. I texted her back. 


Alexis: He looks cute. Are you interested?


I walked back to my bed, and sat down.


Audrey: Oh no. But I think you are ;)


I widened my eyes. She knows. She knows about us. I have to say something.


Alexis: Nah. I never had a boyfriend before.


Audrey: But he'll be the first. Unless you have someone else in mind.


Alexis: Sure. Caleb Johnson...


Audrey: Anything for you bestie


I turned off my phone, and walked to the hallway bathroom. I stared at the mirror. My skin shone light tan, and my hair curled perfectly on my shoulders. I sighed, and looked into my jade green eyes. Why would anyone like me? I mean, has anyone looked at my body before? I looked down at my boobs and frowned. His gf had a C cup. I just have a B cup. Ugh, I'm not even close to looking like a model. Maybe Caleb Johnson will be better than Dominic. I guess we'll have to wait and see.

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