Fallen Angel

A young teen falls for a guy she had no idea she would ever fall for. But when she realizes that he loves another girl as well. Will she be able to fight for him? Or will she give up just when she realizes that there's no hope?


10. Friendless


           Caleb threw himself on me, knowing I was going through hardships. He took advantage of my situation. Since the time I first knew Caleb, he has changed drastically. His mysterious tone and dark aura never really bothered me until it took him over. He was a totally different person.

            Cringing, trying to keep tears from running down my face, I sat in my ill-conditioned room. Everything I had neatly piled were now ripped into a million smithereens. Pictures were torn from the wall where there used to be photos of me and Dominic. The rage that enveloped me last night was out of control. I still can't believe I did this...

           Kneeling down to the ground, I gently picked up a torn piece of a picture, and exhaled deeply.

           "What did I ever do to him?" I let go of the piece, as it glided to the ground. Stepping over cotton, I managed to make it to my bed. I sat cross-legged as I reached for my laptop that was lying on my desk. Flipping the laptop open, I typed my password as thoughts ran through my mind. He never loved me. Nor did Caleb. They both wanted to use me. They wanted to take advantage of an innocent woman. Aggresively, I clicked on my favorites folder. In the folder was Facebook, Wattpad, Movellas, and Pinterest. I double-clicked Movellas and logged into my account.

           I hadn't been able to update my stories lately. It's not entirely my fault... I clicked onto my homepage and went to my stories. I had 3 K for my story, "The Love of a Lifetime". It only had four chapters. I frowned as I felt bad that so many readers read my story, and I haven't updated in a month. If I wasn't so busy, I probably would've managed to type up four more chapters. And possibly edit the chapters I posted so far.

          I had a notification, I clicked on it. Someone commented on my story. Smiling, I clicked the comment and it sent me to my story. Scrolling down, I saw that it was BlueEyedBlonde. Squinting, I read his comment. I had to assume it was a guy because the profile picture was of a blonde pale-skinned boy with sky blue eyes. Quite enchanting actually.

            BlueEyedBlonde: This story thus far is simply magnificient. I had no idea someone could write such an extraordinary story about love before. Now, I am proven wrong. You are amazing. And you're very beautiful

            My face started burning, and I smiled.

            HopelessAlexis: Thank you. I'm going to try my best to update as soon as possible. I'm just going through something at the moment.

              No more than a minute past before he responded back. I laughed softly, and read his comment.

           BlueEyedBlonde: I'm sorry to hear. Take as much time as you need to update the story. I'm not rushing you. :)

            HopelessAlexis: Thanks again. What's your name if you don't mind me asking?

            BlueEyedBlonde: It's Jeremy. And I guess yours is Alexis?

            HopelessAlexis:  I guess the secret is out. ;) Talk to you later?

            BlueEyedBlonde:  Sure ;)

            A smile curled at the ends of my lips as I tried to hold back a laugh. Everything was finally going back to normal. At least somewhat normal. My phone started to vibrate in my hand as I snapped back to reality. A message popped up onto my screen and my heart dropped to my stomach. It was from Caleb.


            Caleb: I'm so sorry about earlier. I didn't mean to throw myself on you...

             I glared at the screen. Didn't mean to throw himself on me? Really now? Before anger clouded my judgement, I typed up a message and pressed the send button. Guilt overwhelmed me, but I managed to gulp it down before I feel sympathetic for his own doings.

            Alexis: You knew what you were doing when you brought me into your house. How do I know that this wasn't the plan from the beginning? How can I trust you?

            Moments passed before he responded back. I guess what I said surprised him. Good. Because I'm done with hiding how I feel...I'm all for the open. He asked for it, I'm just giving him what he wants.

            Caleb: It wasn't. You just have to trust me.

             My hand clasped over my mouth as I tried to cover up a laugh.  I uncovered my mouth and sighed.

            Alexis: Caleb, I trusted you when I walked up to your door. And I lost it the second you took off my shirt...

            I fell to the ground when my thoughts flashed back to what happened last night: Him touching me. Kissing me. Wanting to take advantage of the situationIf I had knew before, do you think I would have gone through with it?

          Caleb: And I thought you loved me. But that's obviously not true. You never had. I'm just done with trying to be with you...done. Have fun with that blonde.

          Tears stained my face as I crawled up into a ball in the middle of my bedroom. I guess he'll never let that go, huh? Rocking myself back and forth, my eyelids slide shut. Just one more thing to worry about.


Dominic's P.O.V. 


            Does she regret dating me? Scrolling through our texts, I sighed, deeply. Of course she does. I wonder what she's doing right now? Crying? No, I doubt she's still crying over me. I bet she moved on with Caleb...he's a great guy.

         Rage overwhelmed me, and I tried to push it down. But every time I tried to, it mentally punched me in the face. Collapsing to the ground, I tried to keep my composure. Grasping the carpet, I pulled myself off the ground. I pressed my arm against the wall to stabilize myself.

        Growling internally, I sighed. "It's fine if she does." I tried to convince myself. But every time, I imagined her with that...guy. I see his hands all over her body, the body I crave. The body I long for. I see her moaning to his touch. I clench my fist, turning into a beet red shade. 

       "Calm down, Dom. Calm down." I whispered to myself, as I self-consciously googled her writing website. Movellas. Alexis would sometimes brag about how she has so many readers. I wonder if she still comes on here. I looked at a message Alexis once texted me in order for me to check her story out. I never considered reading it. I wish I had...

        Reaching her profile page, I sighed, zoning out. This is where her heart lies. HereI scrolled down to her mumbles and glanced them over them. She was recently talking to a blonde dude. A growl grew in my chest, my teeth gritting.  

        Slamming my laptop close, I pulled my knees to my chest. Slowly wrapping my arms around my legs, I started to cry. 

       "I screwed this up...real badly." Tears slipped down my face, but I refused to acknowledge them. Sighing, I wiped my tears away, and drown in my own sorrow. The room around me disappeared as I got lost in the darkness.


Alexis' P.O.V. 


         Waking up to a warm sensation on my face, I realized that it was just Princess licking my face. She kept licking my face as I started to laugh. No matter what I do, Princess will always cheer me up. Scratching her ear, she started to thump her leg against the carpet; I couldn't hold back my laughter anymore. Laughter exploded out of my mouth, it felt so unfamiliar, so unnatural.

        Sunlight crept through my curtains, blinding me temporarily. "Ugh...time to get up," Struggling to move my body, I managed to stroll to my bathroom. "Time to face the facts...I'm over them." I looked into the mirror; my eyes were bloodshot. I must've been crying all night. My face appeared different. Everything I was used to changed suddenly. Splashing water onto my face, I tried to wake myself from this nightmare. Nothing. I sighed and clutched the edge of the sink.  My head snapped to the mirror, and I tried to smile. My lips twitched slightly, then stopped. Inhaling deeply, I walked back to my bedroom, and drowned myself in music. At least music can't ruin my life.




      After an hour of procrastinating, I found myself at school. Plugging my earbuds into my ear, I zoned out. My body moved through the double doors without a second thought. People around me whispered and peeked at me. I guess no one is done talking about me. Great. Another week of this. 

       A girl bumped into me, making me head towards the locker. Everyone around started laughing, pulling out their phones to catch me on video. Tears formed at the edge of my eyes. Not this. No. Not this. 

      "Guys, stop this! She has gone through enough of this madness. Give her a break." A thin figure blonde stood in front of me, shooing away the crowds of 'paparazzi'. He turned around, and I gulped. His blue eyes were powder blue, they were full of passion. I've seen these eyes before. Blinking, I realized who it was. 

       He reached his hand out to me, I reluctantly took it into my hand and he helped me up. His warmth spread throughout my body. Chills climbed my spine and I yanked my hand back, preventing him from feeling me shake.

      "The name is Jeremy. I suspect you're Alexis?" I nodded, rapidly. Afterwards, I regretted doing so. My head started to ache. "If there is anything you need, let me know." A smile spread across my face. I must look like a goofball. He smiled back and walked away.

       Woah. Never thought this would happen.

      "Who's that?" A familiar voice said with such venom in his voice. I could only guess one person.

      "My savior." I walked away from Dominic. I'm not going to submit to him; no matter what. After several steps, I turned around and saw his condition. His eyes were bloodshot, his hair was messed up, and he wore baggy clothes. I kept on walking. Pushing back my guilt, I clutched my phone. He may feel bad, but it doesn't mean he needs to guilt me into forgiving him...that may never happen anyways. 

        Bye, Dominic.









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