He's Inevitable

*Winner of best One Direction Fanfiction for 2014 BMA's* "I know that perhaps he could never love me in the way I have realized that I love him, I am not delusional. I walked into love with him, with eyes wide open. Knowing full well the consequences of the feelings I had so blatantly accepted. But even that was not a choice. He's less of a choice and more like fate. He's inevitable." | Emma Grace Styles has had the life any teenage girl would be envious of. Being the daughter of Harry Styles and surrounded by the men of the once world famous One Direction, has assured that Emma would lead anything but a boring life.
But there was one thing missing in Emma's seemingly perfect life, and he had left eight years ago. As he comes back into her life, in the most peculiar of ways she realizes that he's inevitable. And that perhaps inevitability was only the beginning of their twisted love story.
*Cover is Illustrated by Coconut Wishes*
Book III of the She Taught Me How To Love
He's Inevitable - Episode 118:00 min.
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He's Inevitable - Episode 318:00 min.
He's Inevitable - Episode 421:00 min.
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He's Inevitable - Episode 721:00 min.
He's Inevitable - Episode 815:00 min.


18. Learning to Adjust


Learning To Adjust


I silently swear at myself for having asked him. Niall looks at me blankly, there is silence, only him breathing and contemplating his words carefully.

"Ems, I already told you everything." He turns away and starts putting everything back in the box.

"Did you really?"

"Of course I did. Why wouldn't I?"


He finally tilts his towards me, "Do you not believe me?"



"I...was just curious. You didn't really give me any details."

"Do you have to know the details...?"

Yes. "No..."

"Then, princess?" He says rather tiredly.


I guess...I'd ask another time...

"Do you think Louis will tell dad?" I whisper, leaning into Niall.

Niall smiles wearily, "I don't think so. Not now anyways." He pushes back a strand of stray hair off my face, "We just need to be more careful."

"Definitely." I nod, placing my hand lightly over his.

He chuckles, "Ems, that's not being careful." I go to pull my hand away, but he keeps it in his, "We'll learn to adjust, I guess." 

I giggle, shaking my head. He was right though, we had been careless. We needed to keep a level head about us, and this was not doing us any favors. 

I slip my hand away from his and get up from the floor, "Where's dad?"

"Don't know. Said something about some CD's." 

I lean over, bending slightly to reach Niall, planting a kiss upon his forehead, "Okay." I walk away quickly only to be called back.

"Hey." I look over my shoulder cheekily and see him smirking "Come back here, I deserve a proper kiss."

I turn back around, "Nope. We need to learn to adjust."

"Tease." He mutters as I walk down the hallway.

"Deal with it!" 

Turn to go down the stairs, ready to face the rest of the family. For now, for now we just have to be careful. But what if we were caught again? Was it worth risking this? I mean, as much as I hate to admit it Uncle Lou was right. If everyone found out about Niall and I...I don't think there would be days like this anymore. 

I walk down the steps, hearing the commotion already. All of my uncles and their wives and their kids. This house was alive again, abuzz with love and excitement and happiness.

How could I take that away?

"Emma, where's your dad?" Mum says walking towards me. 

I shrug, "He and Niall were looking for some stuff upstairs."

"I'll go look for him then, everyone's hungry."

She quickly goes up the stairs, and I'm left in the kitchen by myself. I figure I could help mum with laying the food out, and I start by taking the main courses to the table and then come back for the baskets of bread and bowls of salad. As I walk to the kitchen on my third trip, I'm interrupted by a hand upon my shoulder. 

"Can we have a chat?" 

I roll my eyes, "Uncle Lou, no offense, but I'm in no mood to speak to you right now."

"It wasn't a question, Ems."

We walk to the island in the middle of the kitchen and sit on stools facing each other. Uncle Louis' face had aged well, his hair still a mess, now more than ever. As his piercing blue eyes focus on mine, I can't help but sigh. Here we go.

"Emma, I get it."


"I understand why...why you fancy Niall and why you're most likely going to be hard headed about this."

I furrow my brow, "Why?"

"It's just that...maybe...maybe if you weren't Harry's daughter, and Niall was just a bloke you had met some night. Maybe then I would say...you know...I could see you two together."


"But, love, that's not the way it is."

"I know."

"Then why is it so hard to understand?"

"It's not. It's not that it's hard to understand, I understand it."


"I don't....I am not going to give up on this just because everyone says it's not right. Why is it not right?" I knew why, but the pros outweighed the cons...didn't they?

"Are you fucking kidding me? Why is it not right? Emma, there's a sixteen year age difference!"

"Many people have age differences like that, that's not a big deal." I argue.

"Really, with their uncle?"

I scoff, "He is not my uncle."

"You know what I mean, Emma."

"No, I don't." I say stubbornly, "He is not my uncle. He is not my anything, and quite frankly this is really none of your business."

"Oh it's not?" He says furrowing his brow, "Well, sorry love, but i'm making it my fucking business. Have you thought about what your father would say if he were to find out? What about Eddie, huh? What would your mum think?" I stay silent, conceding that point to him. "This whole world does not revolve only around you and Niall. We live in it too Emma."

"I know! I know! Okay, I understand!" I say rather loudly, frustrated beyond words. 

He looks at me, frustrated as well. Moments pass before he finally speaks, "I just...fuck." He says running a hand through his hair, "What is the protocol for this? I don't know what to do or what to say." He looks at me helplessly, "Fuck me, I'm turning into Harry."

I unwillingly chuckle, dad was the worst at looking for the right words in a messy situation. Perhaps it came with the whole 'being a dad' thing.  

"Well at least I got a laugh." He says shaking his head.

He looks at me pensively as I feel myself starting to slowly calm down. 

"Uncle Louis..."


"Is it really that bad?"

"Yeah." he nods, "It is that bad, Ems."

"Then what, do I just end it with Niall? Is that what you think is going to fix this problem."

He shakes his head, "I know it doesn't sound fair, and I know it isn't. Honestly...Emma, I have no idea how to fix this problem. Fuck, I'm scared about raising my own little girl now."

I smile wearily, "You're a good dad, Uncle Lou."

"Terrible uncle though."

"No...annoying yes."


"You have the loudest mouth ever, could you imagine if mum or dad had heard you?"

"If I had heard what?" Mum says stepping off the last step and walking towards us.

"Oh, nothing." we both say simultaneously. 

Mum eyes us suspiciously, "Didn't seem like nothing."

"Don't you have guests to attend to?" I say motioning towards the living room. 

She rolls her eyes, "Can't hide things from me for long, you both know that."

Her heels clack against the floor as she walks away, calling everyone to get ready for dinner. 

"Promise me something, Emma." Uncle Louis says coming around the island and standing in front of me.

"What is that?" I ask suspiciously.

"I want you to be careful. But not just that...I want you...I want you to be happy. I do. But, remember, you have a family Emma. We love you, but sometimes...some bonds aren't strong enough to face these kinds of impacts."

Of course he was right. If dad found out, what was once a brotherly relationship between him and Niall would become undone in a matter of syllables.

"Promise me you'll be smart about this."

"I will." 

He embraces me tightly, "I might still kill Niall though."

I pull back, "Uncle Lou."

"I may have a soft spot for you, but that bloody bastard is going to get an earful from me."

"Hey." I chide jokingly, "I kind of like Niall, he wouldn't be useful if you kill him."

"Very funny. But the last thing I want to hear from you is how much you fancy Niall, please spare me."

"What!?" Dad says coming down the stairs with Niall following right behind him, "You still fancy Niall!?"




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