The cafe


10. we love luke

We then changed into cals room ash throwing eggs and me throwing flour everywhere cal woke up and I was jumping on the bed "morning sleeping beauty" ash said as he slapped an egg on Calum's head "what the why do this your cleaning it up" cal said as he grabbed my ancul so I fell down in the bed as our lips connected as ash them threw eggs at me and walked out and saw Michael "Michael think fast" ash said as he threw the last egg as Michael ducked and it hit Ellie who just came out the bathroom "SORRY BABE IM SO SORRY" ash said panicking "grate now I need another shower" Ellie said as ash ran after her to help her wash her hair Michael then noticed all the flour "what happend here" Michael said as calum walked out his room "don't ask they thought they'd have a flour and egg fight" cal said as he had egg and flour all over him "Luke's still in bed" Michael said as I ran out of Calum's room with a bag of flour "LETS DO IT" I said then running into Luke's room with Michael and throwing flour at him as Luke woke up "I hate you guys" Luke said as he got up coverd in flour "we love you luke" I said as Michael went to hug Luke

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